Wednesday, 3 October 2012

LINGMEI Shiny Precision Liquid Eyeshadow

The eye shadows that I normally use are the powder kind. I saw a liquid eye shadow on kkcenterhk's shop catalogue and decided to try it out! I picked the white one, there are like 12 colors in total and all are metallic colors.

The packaging is quite beautiful, and it somewhat reminds me of Anna Sui!

Here is the applicator. Its similar to the applicator of most lip gloss, and its gentle to the area of application.

Color swatch! Before blending it..

After blending it..

I shall do this item review in a pros and cons style!


  • Nice packaging

  • Gentle applicator

  • Shiny

  • Not sticky and not oily, dries matt

  • Intense color

  • Cheap

  • Can be used as a highlighter for the under eye area and nose bridge

  • Multi-purpose: eye shadow & highlighter

  • Fairly easy to remove


  • Difficult to blend if applied onto powder foundation

  • This might be my problem, but when applying on my eyelids, the eye shadow is either too unnatural or not obvious enough when I blend it too much.

  • Dries too quickly

Overall, its a not too bad product, but I guess I'm just not used to using liquid eye shadow. I  feel that its super useful for a highlighter as it really brightens up my under eye area very well and also helps in making my nose look sharper. I'd be using it for a highlighter in the future rather than a eye shadow unless I somehow master the skill to use it on my eyes.

Additional tip: Its better to apply liquid foundation, liquid eye shadow, then pressed powder over other areas that is not covered by this liquid eye shadow.

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