Wednesday, 17 October 2012

long long day

I'm suddenly in the diary-ish mode again after so long, shall type something whilst waiting for my hair to dry!

Just had a really long day, but its more meaningful than any other random day of mine. Quite a productive day, for my standard at least, lab report completed early (but I'm still doing pre lab now), cleared the two meetings (but more work is just starting to pile up) and cheer training which ended really late. Kind of amused at how things always seem to happen on the same day and sometimes at the same time. And I realised that the peak period of all my commitments are going to hit me in full force together now and in December - MIE, cheer, OMC and TOTS.

I'm enjoying cheerlead training more and more. I don't know if its because of the better prospects for our hall team this year due to the more ambitious coach or its because the team is so eager to train and practise. Sad thing is that we still need at least 5 or more additions to the team, which is so difficult to find! I still suck at toss to hands badly, been stuck at that for so long >:( But I was quite surprised that I was on the toss to extension and then one hand thingy (I forgot what that is called) without even knowing; maybe sometimes, our psychological fears really hinder us from greater achievements...

Anyway, its 4.30am now, just done with my pre lab and I'm going to bed. Need to wake up at 8.30am tomorrow/later for lab and hopefully I can tune my bodyclock back to sleeping early at night soon. Seems kind of impossible but I really should try tuning my bodyclock back. Been stuck like this for so long!

Tata! :)

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