Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My first polaroid camera!

This gift that was wrapped super nicely finally came to my house after 2-3 times of failed delivery due to the courier's miscommunication.. My sister and I were looking forward to its arrival for days!


Remember this photo that you guys helped me like on facebook about two weeks ago for this K-palette Eye Catching Moment competition? I won the first prize with 200+ likes and the blue present above was my prize! Thank you so much people!! ♥ (If you didn't help me like, no thanks >:( )

So... The first prize as stated was a Fujifilm Instax mini 25s camera in Pink Heart which is limited edtion. Was mad happy as I never had a polaroid, plus this one is limited edition and pink!!!! How lucky can I get :) And I came to realised that its baby pink, even prettier~~~ Say hi to my pinkyy haha!

And pinkyy came with accessories too!! K-palette was so nice to include a pink camera bag (that fits the camera perfectly), 20 films as well as a photo from the blogger's event with a handwritten message at the back!

This pinkyy camera is awesome, its like half the size of my sister's instax 7s and it can fit into my teeny weeny handbag that can't even fit my long wallet. Cute and small ^^ Also, it has a mirror in front, good for self-shots muahahhaha, my favourite.

And see what I've done to pinky.. Blinged! Its a ring of pink blings and a ring of grey blings if you can't really tell from the photo!

Excited to use it more, lalala! Thanks again to those who liked the picture for me and also thanks to lovely K-palette! I love K-palette to bits, awesome make up they have and also for sending me this amazing prize! 

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