Monday, 1 October 2012

pic-bits #16 - a me-post

I've been blogging and blogging about beauty and fashion (a little) recently, and I realised that it has been ages since I last posted a personal post. This is not a proper personal post anyway, but the pics and bits of my life. Haven't been having a "life" to blog about too..

I've been more active on instagram and tumblr recently, so you can follow my instagram at @fishaberry or visit my tumblr. The photos in this post are those which I've posted in my instagram/tumblr over the past week or two. For immediate updates of my life, you can follow my instagram or tumblr. My followers are mad little haha!


This was my submission for k-palette's eye catching moment competition! And, I won!!! Big thanks to everyone who has helped me to like my photo; and my sister especially, who helped to gather likes from her friends too! I won a polaroid camera by the way, you can see it near the end of the post!

One random day after taking photos for contact lens review.. My make up was super nice that day, I think. But they don't show up well on photos...

Ayam penyet dinner which the boy got for me after his rugby training! <3

Rushing chemistry lab report~~~ Gross!!!

Prawn alio olio at hot tomato at plaza singapura with the boy and his friend. The prawns changed, I feel cheated :(

A photo that I sneakily took in lab. We're not supposed to bring our handphones into the lab but everyone do that. I had to stare at this set-up waiting for the first drop of water to drip out and I fell asleep 248732742 times.

Mail that arrived during last last week! My first glamabox! Blogging about it soon! :)

Was bragging about my contact lens collection. Here are the unopened ones only. Feel like doing a giveaway on a pair or two, but it'll be restricted to people with the same prescription as me only D:

Packing my stuffzzz for a giveaway. Most of these will be in upcoming giveaways!!

My outfit of the day last weekend. I wore my favourite knitted jumper and my super comfy snow boots!! As if its winter time, when I'm in hot hot Singapore.

Mooncake from my mum! Brought to hall and ate it with the boy. Got other mooncakes also, but I forgot to take photo of the black sesame one.

Made rilakkuma say goodnight to my instagram followers one night because I was kind of bored!

My lazy lunch. Lazy to an unbelievable extent. *sighs*

This is my favourite food in the whole of NTU!! Its the chicken chop from canteen 16!!! Begged boyf to go there for dinner with me lol. The gravy is super yums.

Playing Angels and Mortals with my OG and my angel finally reappeared after a week!!

Celebrated mid autumn festival in hall. I gained joy from melting the candles provided mostly lol.

The other mooncakes that I chose for myself when I went to takashimaya with mummy. Ate the rightmost one with boyf and I'm sad to say that it sucks. Lol. Its some 桂花 flavour and it tasted like heaven and earth green tea. Yet to eat the other two, but the think the left hand side one would be nice.

I was doing work at night one day, past midnight I think, when I heard super consistent meowing. Opened the door to see this fat kitty sitting on the ledge. So cute! Wonder why it was meowing there, too random!

Pitchstop with Clara after a looong lab session without lunch break!

Look of the day on Friday. I used k-palette's eyeliner and mascara. Their mascara is god-like seriously!! Will blog about it another day!

Hehe I love camwhoring with him on the mrt home. So cute one!!! ♥

More mails over the week. Happiness!

I bought these 4 hairbands, 1 geek specs and 1 bracelet at $6 only!!! Equals to like $1 for each item? I always happen to pass by good deals and boyf have to wait like mad for me to decide on what to buy lol. #cheapsteal

Can you six roses in my eyes??? Pretty right! If only this pair of lenses are more obvious in real life..

One of my favourite food. Prawns cooked with salted egg yolk! Heavenly!!

This manicure took me a whole afternoon okay. The roses are not to blame, blame the baby blue the face shop nail polish. Sucks max! I'm switching all my nail polishes to OPI or China Glaze one day when I feel rich, hmph! Anyway, I mad love the hand drawn roses!!! Sorry for the dirty and messy nails LOL

Another instagram picture. Step-by-step guide to DIY floral nails, but actually not very educational or helpful. Main purpose is to brag about my nails again and hoping to get more likes haha.

Ate punis when I was hungry at night. I went to the NTUC at my house today and they don't sell punis anymore! Sad :(

Woke up and got the feel to instagram. Cannot camwhore because I have a shag face and no make up on, so I made my sleeping buddies take photos instead hehe. Cuteeee babies..

This took like don't know who many days to reach me?? The courier ta-q-bin is kind of bad. First time, they lied to k-palette that they came to my house, nobody was home and I didn't pick up their call. I didn't receive any calls at all and they didn't come!!! Second time, they came and just left a redelivery notice. My parents were home waiting for the delivery, they didn't knock loud enough or bother to try calling me! I arranged for a redelivery on yesterday's morning and they never come at all. My sister called and they said they don't know what happened and will make the delivery in the afternoon. And yeah, it finally came in the afternoon!!! K-palette wrapped my prize so nicely!! They even included a photo of the blogger's event and there is a handwritten note at the back!! Touched. Ohya, I forgot to mention, this is the polaroid camera that I won from their photo contest! My sister and I were like so excitedly waiting for the delivery of this camera but the friggin' courier kept screwing up and delaying us from receiving this.

My look of the day with one of the laced hairbands that I got for $1! I can't believe I actually found a top with a matching khaki color. Boyf was saying I won't be able to match this hairband!

Yes, I finally own a polaroid camera. Its the instax mini 25s pink hearts, and its limited edition!!! Feel really lucky and thankful to those who liked the photo for me. K-palette was kind enough to include a super cute camera bag as well as two sets of films! Good for a polaroid noobie like me. I still thought that I have to go shopping for a new pouch and borrow the films from my sister.

Had pastamania for dinner with mummy yesterday, ate till I was really bloated. And and and, their creamy chicken taste different now, not like how it was last time.. Lesser cream sauce and more chicken taste.

Decided to throw away these 3 lenses 'cause they're kind of old! The oldest pair is about 5 months old already! Feel kinda sad to throw my lenses away :(


Okay, end of photos! I know this photo post is really mad long, but its the most personal post that I can come up with right now. Tried my best to add in more captions to each photo because I believe some of you would have already seen these photos on my instagram or tumblr. I promise a better post soon! ><

Having a date with my favourite boy later, super excited! It has been ages since we have a proper date! ♥

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