Friday, 19 October 2012

pic-bits #17

I don't know if I'm doing the right thing posting all my instagram photos here at my blog. I don't know if you people had seen them already not, is this too repetitive? I'm trying hard to add some captions in case you people have seen these photos and are bored out by me :( Let me know if you feel very strongly about me reposting all my instagrams here..

Ohya, photos not posted in any order okay, I don't know why but the order seems jumbled up, but I can't recall the order of things that happened anyway.


Thai food at Aloy Thai with my ♥ I've blogged about this date with him earlier on here

Also had saybons for dinner that day! I just love their mushroom soup and I don't know why!

Yanyan with love from my sissie :)

Tried our first salted caramel drink! We kept trying to poke one crystal in the straw each time before drinking so that we can get both salty and sweet flavour in one mouthful! :P

Managed to get up early for breakfast with him one day during recess week. Supposed to have hi-tea dim sum buffet at Swatow with scooby that day, so can't eat lunch!

Sadly, my phone battery died that afternoon, so no photos of the buffet, only photos of my breakfast. The buffet is not bad, about $23 only, and they have sooo many dishes with prawns! Super suitable for me!

Macarons from canele with mummy one day after dinner. Mine was salted caramel and hers was vanilla banana!

Studying with him lol~ bleah faces of ours!

Study = supper later haha!

Was given ben and jerry's voucher woohoo! Yes, free scoop of their new flavor called Maple Tree Hugger! Can't wait to use my voucher teehee.

Went to a seminar by Udders's founders and got free ice cream (again) hahaha! Tasted meh only~

This amazing red solution with glitter flakes swirling around gave me one of the few joy I can ever get in lab. Something pretty to look at for a while haha!

Durian milk ice with him at JP's foodcourt.. We ate this while waiting for other people to meet us to watch Taken 2 actually haha!

I tried on eye mask for the first time (can you believe it?) and they feel like firm tofu haha!

6C31 mini class dinner! Haven't met them for so long! Ate at Lenas and this was my main course although it came from the dessert menu. Sauteed mushroom pancakes! Meh only~

This fried banana + ice cream that I shared with Chingshia and Clarissa is da bombz! I think it was $6 only, and yummy!

Bought punis, I got cheated by the same monkey. This packet is mandarin orange flavored gummies and not the usual chewy candy. No wonder the package didn't write "PUNI" but I trusted the monkey =.=

Another short date with my boy, and we had dinner at ramenplay at 313. Tried the black sesame fried rice because its like the first time I've seen this dish in menu! Tasted like din tai fung's egg fried rice haha! Black sesame taste was quite mild.

Cha shu ramen! I forgot what's the soup base for this :/

Haha so cute!! I anyhow snap and kept getting cute photos of him! This drink is yuzu something something lol. Its sweet and sour hahaha but the taste is quite special!

And another randomly cute shot of him smelling him ramen LOL.

Another day~

Had Wendy' for the first time! It was okay okay hahaha, ate some shrimp burger, I love prawns wahaha!

Random sweet treat from school's canteen, ice cream waffle! <3

And I was disturbing him when he was studying one night~~ This photo is too cute!!! :)

And that's all the photos I have for now, tata!

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