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September's Glamabox!

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My September's Glamabox arrived at my doorstep and I was really excited to pry it open and explore its contents! Yay to another pretty beauty box! :D

You must be wondering, what is this???

Glamabox is another company providing monthly subscription beauty boxes!

Yes, I know there are other beauty box companies such as Vanity Trove and Bellabox in Singapore, but Glamabox is a tad bit different! Its the cheapest currently, S$18/month, and your box is flown from Hong Kong. Similar to the other two brands, they promise 4-5 handpicked products in their monthly boxes, picked by their founder, Lisa S (a popular model and Daniel Wu's wife) as well as their team. The contents of Glamabox is slightly different from the other boxes because they are trying to introduce the less well known local brands to their subscribers apart from the usual big brands.

Opened it up and there's a letter! The letter kind of briefly mentioned all the items in the box.. The contents are wrapped in a lime green paper!

Was surprised that it was so full!! And there seems to be a full-sized product or premium samples! Whee~~

It took me a loooooooooong time to arrange them nicely in this way okay! So that you can see all the products in September's box at one go! Its quite a lot of items..

Now, let's look at all its contents together!!

Here's a Louvier mask and a brochure on all Louvier's products! Haven't heard of this brand but looks alright!

The Body Shop's Natrulift Firming Serum in 5 sachets.. I'm sure The Body Shop is well-known enough, although  don't really use their products apart from a shower gel that was gifted to me. I have a dislike for sachets actually, I have to use them all or throw the excess way every time I opened one, so wasteful! :( At least there are 5 for me to waste hehe!

Infusens™ Absolute Moisturizing Concentrate, Tebe body moisturising milk (I don't know if its a premium sample or full-sized product but its big!) and Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles - haven't heard all these brands but I don't mind trying them out! I'm not very sure if the Infusens™ Absolute Moisturizing Concentrate is an ampoule or moisturiser or other things, but I've tested a few drops on my hand and it really moisturises and smoothens my hand immediately. Its my second favourite in this box. By the way, it costs $213 for 10 of this vials so this itself costs $21 already! Haven't got to try the Tebe body moisturising milk but I'm really happy with its size. Last of these three, there is this Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles sachet which I thought is kind of funny to be in a beauty box. I don't mind its presence though since there are at least 5 other beauty products inside!

September's Glamabox actually contains a few types of products for this last item - Ido®Beautiful Skin Element OR Deep-sea Collagen Peptide OR Whitening Tablets OR Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex. I got the first one in my box! All the other few items look good too!

This box of Ido®Beautiful Skin Element is actually a full-sized product and it retails at S$38! Its a beauty supplement to to revitalise our skin and to make our skin more radiant. Mine is in the grape flavour, I like! This is my favourite out of the whole box and I'm going to try it out. Its the first beauty supplement that I've ever taken if you don't count those cod liver oil capsules and ginseng powder as those are more for health right? It contains 24 sachets of powder for us to consume. I've just started on my first sachet and hopefully I'd have better skin after the 24 sachets! :D

Lastly, there was this Phillip Wain voucher which caused me tremendous disappointment  I knew Phillip Wain is a gym and now I know that its a gym with spa and beauty services too. This voucher actually allows us one week of complimentary gym access and physical assessment (but I guess I'll be too lazy to utilise this section); one complimentary treatment for Lipo8 or Magnetic Healing Therapy; and lastly discount for a pampering lifting facial. I was eyeing the Lipo8 okay!! Its like some slimming treatment and I was like, "Yes, that's for me and I'm so gonna go for it!" However, to my disappointment, the voucher only admits people aged 21 and above. Awesome :( But anyway, if you're 21 and above, this is a really good deal!


Disappointment aside, I feel that I kind of like Glamabox too!

Although it doesn't bring us samples from big brands, we get to try those less common brands. Some people may find that its "not worth it", but the value of the box in comparison to its contents is much much cheaper! Just the Ido beauty supplement is $38, just the vial of concentrate is $21; and I couldn't bother to count the value of the other items already. Don't forget, one of the point of these sampling beauty boxes is to try out new brands ya? Furthermore, its like the cheapest beauty box subscription out there currently.

I do have some grudges about the box too. Since many of the products are from overseas, the printings on some items might not be in english. The Ido beauty supplement is all Chinese and Japanese all over and I had a hard time reading chinese characters! Also, the concentrate vial does not have any instructions on how to use it at all, and I'm still pondering over what it actually is.They do have a product page for each month's box items but the page mainly provides surface-like information, the price of the items and no directions on how to use them. Luckily there's google, but it would be better if they add in some instruction sheet in English for the products and samples especially if some of the products are less mainstream. 


If you would like to sign up for Glamabox or know more about them, do visit their site (its in English, no worries)!

PS. Anyone interested in the Phillip Wain voucher email me please haha, don't shy, its really a good deal and not to be wasted!! x)

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