Sunday, 7 October 2012

Vanity Trove October 2012 - Big & Bold

Look, here is my first ever Vanity Trove! It was delivered to my house a few days ago and I finally went home from school and opened it!!

I believe you've already seen my posts about Bellabox and Glamabox some time ago right? Vanity trove offers a similar service too, but its priced at $25/mth and you will be getting more items (6-8 items) in your trove! I've read somewhere online that there will always be full sized items in each month's Vanity Trove, forgot where I read it! I'm not sure if the source is reliable or not, but I did receive full sized products in my october trove! :D

Read on to see what items I received in my first ever trove!

My trove's box is like a drawer! I can imagine DIY-ing my own drawers if I ever get more troves like this already, how fun!

Opening up the crepe papers.. There were quite a bit of brochures and vouchers! The orange and blue card is an introduction to this month's trove, October trove's theme is 'Big & Bold, be a beauty royalty'. This card contains an overview of what we will be finding in our boxes!

And here's the overview of October's trove!

Let's do the most exciting part now - looking at the contents in my trove, beneath those brochures!!! I was quite surprised at the amount of items inside and also the size of the items!

Push Up (Breast, Neck and Tummy cream) by Audrey Christian - This is a full sized product worth a whooping $129! This lightweight cream with natural ingredients, will stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin, encouraging cell regeneration and smoothing out cellulite and stretch marks, and also firm up the breasts. I can't wait to try it as I really need some firming cream for my stretch marks and this came just in time!

VMV Hypoallergenics Hydra Balance Gentle Cream Cleanser & Smart Moisturiser - These two are big samples man 30ml each! They are targeted, designed to effectively address your skin concerns while enhancing your skin's overall health. Their products are suitable for all ages (9+). This two products are balancing in a sense that they will moisturise the dryer areas of our skin and yet have oil control over the oilier parts.

Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal - Another full-sized item!!! Kohl is actually ancient eye cosmetic made by the Indians traditionally, used for cosmetic and sometimes religious beliefs. I'm excited to try this out as this is kind of like the "improved" traditional formula which should be good! The packaging is so cute, not the usual pencil, but like a lipstick instead. My lousy pencil eyeliner is finishing and I'm glad that there's this in my Vanity Trove, meaning I don't have to go buy a new one!

Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch - Another full-sized item, this is the winner of Cleo beauty awards and I heard many good reviews for Leaders Insolution products! Finally its my turn to try it! I guess I'll really need this after my test on Tuesday hehe.

The Essence of Nature Lavendar Sap Patch - I've never used any sap patches before, but this seems interesting! It seems like the sap patches are to be pasted on our feet when we go to bed and it'll help us detox. Some reviews in the brochures in my Vanity Trove stated that they loss some weight after using this, me want!!

Methode Swiss Thermal Eye Range (Cream, Essence, Mask) - These samples are kind of small, most probably will last for only a week or two. I've never tried this brand before too, but I guess I can do with some new eye products, feel that my area is getting dryer and dryer recently.

DHC sachets (Olive Virgin Oil, Mild Lotion, Mild Soap and Deep Cleansing Oil) - This DHC brochure/booklet have some sachets samples inside and detailed product information. Interested to try out some DHC products as they were kind of popular some time ago. However, I hate sachets, this will be like a one time trial thing only. Okay, at least the mild soap is a mini soap, how cute!

I'm really happy with my October's vanity trove! My first trove and it was really amazing! So many full sized products (eg. push up cream, khol eyeliner, eye mask) that made me really speechless upon opening my trove. The trove is worth more than 5X its price, which is a really good deal..

Receiving such beauty boxes monthly will really make my day! ♥

I'm really looking forward to try out everything here, and I'll do up some product reviews after my paper on Tuesday I promise!!!!!!!


Vanity Trove does limited backorders for their monthly troves at $30! If you like October's Trove like me, you can join their backorder. I'm not sure if there are still slots for it but please do enquire with them! :)

November's Trove is also open for subscription now. November's theme is Dream Girl and I feel that it sounds really good! You can subscribe to November's trove here at $25 only! :D

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