Sunday, 11 November 2012

Finally ate at Once Upon A Rosti!


(This photo quite artistic hor? Maybe William can be their model hahaha)

Been bugging boyf to bring me to Once Upon A Rosti ever since I saw its facebook page! I love rostis and was instantly attracted to the idea of an only rosti eatery! Muahaha, pig me. Anyway, if you don't know what is a rosti, its a pancake made of thin potato strips! I think most people love potatoes right? Till now, I think I've only met one person (Joyce) recently who dislike potato stuffs!

Its located less than 5 minutes from Tanjong Pagar MRT, go to exit E and you'll see it less than a minute after exiting from exit E! Its a small eatery with cute and random furnitures + interior, able to hold about 30ish people max. Food is to be ordered at the counter, fast food style.

They have set meals and also DIY ala carte orders, W got a value set meal and I ordered ala carte because I don't like sausages and all the set meals come with sausages!

W's Sir All Day Breakfast Set - Chicken saussage, bacon, egg & cheese + canned drink + 1 rosti + BBQ sauce

I think this is what he was thinking when he took this photo: "Faster take la I want eat my rosti!!!"

My ala carte combi - cheese + egg + half chicken chop + 2 rosti + BBQ sauce + lite sour cream

My shagged face with super faded light make up on lol.

The food was served in these cute disposable bowls, my food got mashed together while eating, entirely different style to what I've experienced at other restaurants using plates!

It was pretty affordable, our food was like $5+ and $6+ each only.. Plus we get to have toppings on our rostis, why not?

I hope they'll have more toppings soon, my type of food to be exact lol, like mushrooms, corn, shredded chicken, etc lol. 

Ohya, they didn't have soup on the day I visited (there's soup on the menu)!! I love cream soups, WHY Y U NO HAVE ON THE DAY I GO :(

They sell bread, curly fries, meatballs, rice and salad too anyway if you really don't like rosti and have to accompany a rosti-lover for a meal haha.


For more info, here's their site:

Worth a try, its like the first rosti-only place that I've heard of!

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