Sunday, 18 November 2012

Food from Ichiban Sushi

Ahh my blog is going to become more and more dead, and its only going to get worse this few weeks! Especially for this week and the upcoming week, exams!!

Found some outdated photos of me and the boy at Ichiban so I decided to post some random photos here to liven up my blog! Ichiban is one of my favourite places for japanese food in Singapore, affordable and yummy! :D

Photos in this post are taken for fun and not intended to be up on my blog, and I have no time to edit the photos now, so pardon me for some blurry shots! The lighting in the restaurant wasn't good for photos anyway..

Some passion fruit drink! Sweet max wahaha :D

W looking as happy as ever :)

Woohoo no makeup that day! How do I look?

My favourite set meal there!!!! Chicken with cheese in mushroom gravy + soft shell crab + chawanmushi + the usual things in a set.

First time trying this chicken terriyaki rice thingy. There's a raw egg all over the chicken, first time eating 100% raw egg... And it turned out unexpectedly nice!

Yup, so that's all for this short short post! Hope you're feeling hungry for some japanese food now! :P (Although the food don't look appetising in my photos at all, opps my skills....)

I have a few more contact lens reviews and sponsored posts coming up, if I have the time to take photos>filter>edit>post>type>blog soon! :D

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