Monday, 19 November 2012

Geo Xtra Forest Grey WT-B65 Review

(My eye was swollen for the past 2 weeks, the swelling finally subsided and I'm doing lens reviews again finally!)

Noticed my super sparkly eyes in the instagram below???

Yes, my review today will be on this pair of super sparkly lens sponsored by uniqso! (This is my 3rd lens review for them, read the other reviews here)

Its from Geo Xtra series, meaning its 15mm, being larger than the usual size of geo lens which is 14.2mm.

Lens details:
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve : 8.7mm
Lifespan : 1 Year

The design of the lenses in the casing..

And when worn - in natural sunlight (top) and in normal room lighting (bottom)

Comfort: 2/5 – This pair of lenses felt kind of dry, but this may be due to my eyes being too tired since I haven't been sleeping much recently. Geo lens doesn't give me any problems usually :)

Enlarging: 4/5 –  this 15mm is adequately enlarging for me, my favourite diameter for lenses currently.. Depends on your preference ya!

Design: 5/5 – I love the effect of this design, made my eyes look crazy sparkly even from a distance! Super love!!!

Color: 5/5 – Awesome blend of grey and black in the lenses to give of the sparkly effect!

More photos of me wearing the lenses..

This pair of lenses is definitely one of my favourites now! I love how it makes my eyes sparkle without much effort, even in normal room lighting! I will try this design in other colors soon for sure!! :D

You can get them from uniqso if you wanna try the lenses! :D

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