Thursday, 1 November 2012

My hair story #1 - Berry Ombre!

Hello everybody! If you're following me on instagram/tumblr/twitter/facebook, you would have seen the sneak peek of this post. Here is it if you haven't seen it!

I'm really glad to announce that Shunji Matsuo @ 313 is my official hair sponsor, and they'll be taking care of my tresses from now onwards! Shunji Matsuo @ 313 is a Japanese-influenced salon, located at 313 Somerset! I've always been admiring all the albums on their facebook page, and I would say that their works are really impressive, especially those ombre colors! Furthermore, being located in a prime shopping location, there's nothing I don't love about them! :D

& here's the start of my hair diary with them.... I'm calling this Berry Ombre haha!

As I mentioned, they are located on the third level of 313, Just beside Uniqlo! The concept of their salon is bright and cute with polka dotted walls!

Pam accompanied me to do my hair that day, super thankful that she came with me although she had to leave halfway! ♥ This is probably my last ever proper photo with my blonde ombre hair!

My personal stylist is Sally, and she looks really young for someone who has 16 years of experience!! (You will see her in my photos later on!) When I entered the saloon, she was quick to get me seated, analysed my hair condition and asked me what I wanted to do with my hair...

Sally took out the color chart and recommended me to use Goldwell Elumen hair color for my dip dye!

I ended up choosing red violet and violet for a two-tone ombre after taking a long time looking at the charts!

Sally bleaching my hair! My hair was bleached previously, but it wasn't a neat job so she was trying to tidy it up and also making sure my ombre will have a gradient instead of one hard line! To my surprise, I didn't smell any chemical or bleach smell at all in the process of bleaching!

Waiting in progress!!

There's always this long waiting time if you're doing chemical treatments, but fret not! At Shunji Matsuo, they have recent issues of magazines for your reading pleasure, and their own wifi.. My mobile network was down that day and their wifi really saved me from boredom!

Yay, bleaching completed!!!! I have almost silver blonde hair now wahaha!

After bleaching, its time for coloring! Here are the dyes used on my hair..

The staff helping with applying the dye onto my hair! (I asked for more red violet and lesser violet in my hair by the way) The smell of the dye is sweet, unlike the usual smelly dyes!

They used cling wraps to hold my hair together and to separate the colors, ingenious!

Washed the excess dye off and it was time for a haircut. (Sorry that you can't see the color yet, the color darkens by a lot when your hair is wet) Sally trimmed my dry ends and gave me a shorter fringe! I was amazed at how she cut my fringe, she totally knows the type of fringe that I want by looking at my overgrown bangs!

My hair was blown dry after the hair cut and here is how I look! The colors are gorgeous right? I thought I was done at this point of time. My hair looked perfect enough for me already, vibrant colors with natural-looking curls........ But no. Sally came and checked my hair, and she trimmed some more. OMG how meticulous is this? Trim and check, then trim more....

After trimming, another staff helped me tong my hair! (I forgot to ask for her name opps) I ended up with a head full of gorgeous curls! Look at my before and after photos! Limp, messy, discolored hair vs pretty, curly, berry colored hair!

A photo with my awesome stylist - Sally! Do remember to look for her when visiting Shunji Matsuo 313 to do your hair!

Happygirl92 with my new berry ombre and curls! ^^

Sally also gave me Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie shampoo and conditioner to use so as to protect my colored hair! They surely smell good! I'm a sucker for nice smelling products...

Okay, last close up of my pretty hair~

I really love my new hair color and I've received many compliments for it! I was really surprised that my hair was smoother after leaving Shunji Matsuo that day, even though it was bleached again and I didn't do any treatment! Don't know what magic they've done to my hair ^^

Psssst! There is a 10% off all chemical services for my readers, do remember to mention me when doing your hair there! :D


Shunji Matsuo at 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset
Tel: 6238 0226
FB Page:


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