Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Royal Highness

People always say that a girl can never have too many shoes, and so can I! :) 

Especially ballet flats, they are comfy and cute yet don't make us look too under-dressed, why not have more pairs of it?

However, to have many pairs of shoes without spending too much money, that's a totally different story...

Today, I'm going to show you how to do it! :D

*drum rolls*

Two Fridays ago, I headed down to My Royal Highness at *SCAPE Underground after doing my hair at 313 to get myself some new shoes.

If you don't know where is *SCAPE, it is right beside Cineleisure, and the nearest MRT is Somerset MRT station. *SCAPE Underground is the lowest level of *SCAPE, it was previously where many teens practised their skateboarding, and now its converted into a shopping area with many many booths, YAY! 

Colorful ballet flats on the racks!

What are all these cute flowers and ribbons? Aww so pretty!

Nope, they're not hair accessories! You can actually attach them to your flats to create different combinations!

Sounds exciting? You can expand your shoe rack so easily now! (figurative language)

Let me bring you through three easy steps and you'll know how to have many many pairs of shoes without spending too much!

Step 1: Pick your size and shoe color!

I picked a black pair and a blue pair! Black shoes are like staples, they can match almost any clothes and fit any occasions; I picked the other blue pair because Celia was encouraging me to get a brighter color and this blue is quite unique! (I never had blue shoes before I think....)

Step 2: Pick your favourite ribbons / flowers!

I took a looooong time to choose my favourite pieces and pieces that match my black and blue flats! I got gold ribbons, huge pink ribbons, peach flower, colorful leopard print flower puff and a floral flower puff! (Do you know that I love ribbons and puffy things???)

Step 3: Mix & Match your shoes with the ribbons and flowers!

The flowers and ribbons can simply be attached to the shoes with the buttons! Really easy to do and they will not come off easily!

I derived an equation for this: No of designs = No of shoes x No of ribbons/flowersWahaha I can have 10 designs with just 2 pairs of shoes and 5 different types of ribbons / flowers! 

My Royal Highness's shoes are self-manufactured and handmade. The flats are soft and comfy, and yet the soles are not too thin! I always have trouble with shoes "biting" my feet but these were really comfy!

I super love this DIY concept because we get to choose the combination that we really like. Also, people (who don't read this blog post) will think that I own many many pairs of shoes hehe! Fun + pocket-friendly! :D

& I almost forgot, they pack every pair of shoes into a dust bag, prettier and easier to carry around as compared to boxes especially when you want to continue shopping~

A photo with Daren and Celia, the owners of My Royal Highness!

We took 2 polaroid photos and they were so sweet to let me take one home! :D

See the wall behind their store, my photo is on the wall too, hehe! ^^

They're currently having some ongoing promotions so do drop by and grab a pair of flats before their promotion ends!


1 pair of shoes (excluding ribbons) @ $15.90 each

1 pair of shoes + 1 pair of ribbons (Flowers and small ribbons) @ $20.90

1 pair of shoes + 1 pair of ribbons (Big ribbons) @ $22.90

1 pair of shoes + 1 pair of ribbons (Jewelled ribbons) @ $27.90

Christmas promotion (for December) - Lucky dip with every $30 spent!


My Royal Highness is located at...


2 Orchard Link, *SCAPE


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