Thursday, 8 November 2012

Rohto Lycee Eyedrops for Contact Lens

If you're following me on twitter, you would have seen me complain non-stop about being really busy with school these few weeks. And being so busy, it also means that I don't have the time to try new products and to take proper photos of them to blog about. However, I got to test out the usefulness of one product thanks to being tired!

Those who wear contact lenses should know that you'll have major difficulties popping the lenses into your tired eyes if you have not enough sleep the night before, and even if you manage to successfully put them in, you'll find your eyes getting really dry in no time.

Same goes for me, but being a vainpot, I'll still squeeze the lenses into my eyes daily even on days that I only slept for 3 hours. And I'll suffer from dry eyes the whole day, plus the feeling that the lenses are dropping out of my eyes anytime...

Recently, my problem is solved when sent me this Rohto Lycee eyedrops for contact lens! Been using it about two times daily and it really saves my day!

It comes in a glittery box and is sealed in a plastic wrapping inside the box. This product is from Japan and I can't read Japanese, which is all over the box. But I really love the packaging of the bottle especially! Unique square shaped and its so pink and small, fits into my palm perfectly!

Its targeted to relief dryness and redness in eyes for contact lens wearers. It really moistens my eyes and solve the problem of dry eyes almost instantly. However, I was quite taken aback the first time as there was a minty feeling when I first put the eyedrops into my eyes. Its quite stinging if you're not expecting the mintiness, but when you're expecting it, it actually feels kind of refreshing! Once the mintiness pass, my eyes are much less dry than before. This moisturising effect do last for quite a long time!

We can use it 5-6 times daily, putting 1-2 drops each time. Personally, I find that using it about 2-3 times a day is more than enough to leave my eyes feeling less dry, and this small bottle of 8ml of eyedrops should be able to last me for quite a long time!

Almost forgot to mention this, there's a lychee scent to this eyedrops. I read before that we can taste the lychee flavour when we use the eyedrops, but this is absolutely not true for me. However, I'll always take a few sniffs at the sweet scent after putting the eyedrops! :P

Although I was really shocked at the mintiness when I applied this eyedrops on the first time, I've grown to be quite reliant on it. Been bringing it around with me daily and its really a form of relief for my eyes!

Furthermore, with the cute packaging and sweet scent, I'm totally in love with it now!

Thank you!

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