Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wake me up when December 7 comes;

If you don't know, I'm going to have my exams in a week's time. I sure hate exams as much as any other normal student, blahhhh. Late nights, eye bags, cramming, etc. But at least it spells the start of the holidays!

During the studying/mugging period, I'll always make many many plans for my post exam holidays, and fantasise about them all day long. And the truth is, these plans don't always come true when my exams end. Aha. Always waste my time on daydreaming only.

Was thinking whether I should list my plans here or not, and I decided to not list everything out till they're confirmed. Cancellation rate for my plans are like 90% usually.. If I tell the whole world here about my plans and they don't happen in the end, kind of sad right? (Anyway, I still hope that some of my big plans will be successful this time round.)

I have 2 confirmed plans currently, because both involves going overseas and the trips are booked, that's why they are confirmed hehe. I'm not going to any super sophisticated or "atas" country, just Malaysia X2. I know right, I have been to Malaysia more than 10 times I think? But I'm still mad excited about these 2 trips! Going Genting Highlands with boyf and Hello Kitty Land with my DHS girlfriends!! ^^

Recently got to know about Genting’s late night shopping event at First World Plaza through Nuffnang. I feel as if they are welcoming me there this December hehehe. All the shops in First World Plaza will be open from 10am to 1am till the end of this year! I can't wait to eat and shop and play to my heart's content over there.. Kept trying to control myself from planning my itenary now, 'cause that should only be done after my exams. ARGHHH. Here's the link to all the shops over there and I'm so shocked that Genting have so many shops now: Well, its a good thing any way haha :)

Can I go and sleep now and wake up when my exams end? D:

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