Monday, 24 December 2012

Genting with ♥ - Day 1

If you have been reading my blog previously, you should have seen me ranting on and on about how excited I am for my genting trip with my boyfriend! I'm back (one week plus ago) and I can finally do up a post for our day 1!

Actually nothing much one la hahaha, more of a pictorial post here! (My FB friends would have seen all the photos already because I uploaded them last night)

At golden mile complex waiting fr our 7.30am coach and him pigging on bread for breakfast!

On the coach~~ We took Grassland Express Royal VIP! The bus is super duper spacious, there is so much space even after I brought my luggage up and placed it at my feet area...

Reached first world hotel in 8 hours at about 3-ish (I don't know why we took so long to reach?!) Got to take queue number and wait for check-in.. So many people?!

We stayed in those cheapo room, standard deluxe or something.. Nothing special about the room and I just realised I forgot to take photo of the room, but you can just google for the photo ya? We rested for a while, freshened up and I changed into my super cute pullover (available in WTF's next collection) as we planned to go to the strawberry farm initially!

Went down to the lobby and asked for directions to the strawberry farm, all the staffs gave us different directions, and there were taxi drivers all around trying to make us take their taxi downhill to the farm. Regret being too lazy to research on how to go there online before our trip! After super long, we finally found out how to get there after asking a staff..

To get to the strawberry farm, we got to take the Genting Skyway (cable car) from Genting Hotel down the mountain and then take a free shuttle service down there to the strawberry farm! Please do not take any taxi because it's like really far away from the top, 10+ mins by cable car. If you cab down, I don't know how long it will take, how much it will cost if you go by meter, and you may suffer from motion sickness possibly? Anyway, we took far too long to find out how to get there, so we decided to go down on the second day instead.

Went for early buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace instead! Can't remember the exact price but it cost about S$30+ per person! The spread was really huge, from indian to western to japanese to chinese and many different types of food. There is an ongoing ice cream buffet too, more than 30 flavors to choose from and many different types of ice cream, and the best thing is that there is no additional cost to the buffet price. The food is quite alright, and there is no time limit, we stayed there for like 3 hours and almost exploded haha.. The place is really big, as big as Singapore's food court!

Took photos outside the place!

One of the only food photos that I took LOL

Satay - bf's favourite in the whole buffet!

He's being super naughty! :O

Finally smiling properly for a photo..

Me with an ice cream that I didn't finish...

Some of the ice cream booths in the buffet.. (I thought uploading photos of the buffet counters would be boring so I shall skip that!)

After eating....

We explored the other hotel lobbies and also went out for some chilly air! :) Photos spam below!

Anyway, my pullover is super cute! The mouth can be a big pocket, or I can pull the pocket out to become a big pink tongue, cute right? It will be available in WTF's next collection which is later on today hopefully!

Super love this photo! Mad cute please!

Okay, I not cute one, I look like a total mess opps.

We got bored and decided to go for fish spa! Its our first time, and its really really ticklish. I screamed in the first second when I put my feet into the water.. And he screamed for like 5 minutes haha.. I'm so much braver! :P But its really scary, so ticklish, I kept focusing on taking photos and stuff, if not I will surely scream too.. If I'm not wrong, its RM20/30 for 15 minutes, quite cheap too!

He was screaming inside when faking a smile for this photo hehe!

My self-distraction...

It is very gross to look at the fishes I must say, and his feet attracted like 80% of all the fishes, my feet not much business ah! No wonder he was feeling super ticklish muahaha..

We also caught a midnight movie! Watched a Hong Kong romance show and it was quite nice, they translated it as My Sassy Hubby and I can't read cheem chinese words so I don't know the chinese title.. Movie ticket was super cheap, RM18 for back seats (premium seats) plus popcorn + soft drink + snack! RM18 is cheaper than a movie ticket in Singapore, and this comes with so much food and priority seat, super worth it~

Yeah I changed into specs for the movie because it was really late and my eyes are tired! Ugly I know!!! :(

And yup, that's the end of our first day there! It was quite fun despite wasting our time getting lost initially.

To be continued :)

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