Monday, 10 December 2012

Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D mask

Hello people, I just masked one and a half times today. And I worked considerably hard for this blog post okay, with a pinch of bad luck and help from my sissie. (Be prepared, I'm going to rant in this post lol)

Anyway, this blog post is about these 2 cuties, Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D mask, in case I drift away to my long story soon. This mask is the first of its kind that I've seen okay, read on, its really different!

And here goes my story... (If you only wanna read about the mask, skip the next 4 paragraphs, so sorry but I really need to rant lol)

After I'm finally done with spring cleaning of the day and bathed, I sat down to do my mask.... I opened the blue one, arranged it nicely on my face, took photos of myself and the mask and all the camwhore I do before each blog post / product review. Had a relaxing time with the blue melody mask for 15 minutes, happily wiped the super a lot of excess serum on my hands and legs, and threw the mask away.

Next, I opened my laptop and wanted to blog about it. Selected all the photos on my phone to be transferred to my laptop... I usually transfer photos from my phone via bluetooth (because I'm too lazy to pluck in the usb cable hehe)... And I thought I pressed the bluetooth button :( :( :( The delete button is right beside the bluetooth button, and I pressed that wrongly by mistake! Ohmytian right :(

So there I was in panic mode. I googled for ways to retrieve deleted photos, searched in my s3 playstore for apps to un-delete my photos but to no avail. I downloaded some app in my computer but the app cannot detect my phone even when I connect it via USB (my computer can detect my phone, its just the app roar). I also downloaded some app on my s3 but I got no idea how to use the app at all and the instructions weren't helping. I tweeted too but nobody came to save me :(

I ended up begging my sister to use the other melody mask. She's a super duper lazy pig okay, she finds masking for 15 minutes a waste of time and always complain that masks are wet and uncomfortable, etc etc. But luckily for me, she finally agreed to mask after seeing the cute packaging! Oh and I have to mention this, I waited for like 10 minutes for her to take a perfect photo of the mask packaging to post on her instagram okay. I also have to help her put on the mask as she lie down, arrange nicely all this and wait for 15 minutes until she's done with the mask, then I re-use the mask for my photos in this post which you will be seeing below. See, so much hard work from me x.x Just so that I don't waste the second mask that I opened LOL

Okay okay, reviewing the mask properly now!

Look at me with the mask!

It looks different from the usual masks right????? Its super cool, its a 3d masks without those ear hooks... Sometimes I don't really like those ear hooks because I'm afraid my ears will drop off or something, the hooks are a little stressful for my small ears hehe. So this mask covers the area between your chin and neck too, without hooks, good or not? Also, it has flaps to cover the eye area too, all the masks that I've tried doesn't take care of the eye area at all, and finally found one that does so!

So this is how the mask looks like from one side! I think it looks kind of cute here leh haha, like half a heart shape~

So here are the details of the blue one, for moisturising. It has a slightly sweet scent which I can't make out what is it, smells like candy, me like! I used this personally and I can feel my skin becoming tighter after masking! :)

The pink one is used by my sister, its for whitening and it smells like strawberries, sweet also, likes! Here are the ingredients and other info about the whitening one!

I kind of like this my melody mask, they are oil-free, super suitable for my occasionally super duper oily face. My skin is super moodswing one, sometimes super dry and sometimes super oily. Also, the 3d shape is quite cool too, no more ear hooks hehe. The only bad thing is that the mask is quite big, so hopefully they re-adjust the size of the mask the the future!

A random camwhore shot taken with the cute mask some time ago when I was doing some make up tutorial that I totally forgot about haha :S

Do like their facebook page here : Secretive SG FB Lovemore SG FB


Masks are available online or at Watsons! :)

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