Friday, 21 December 2012

My Hair Story #2 - Flaming Red Ombre

I apologise for this long overdue post as I was overseas and also have cheerlead camp the past week. I have already changed my hair color if you are following me on instagram and I will blog about the new hair color in another post! :)

Went back to Shunji Matsuo at 313 two Fridays ago with absolutely no idea what I want to do with my hair~ I only knew that I wanted a change, but no idea what kind of change...

(Btw, my camera went crazy and I can't use it that day till I recharged it at night.. All photos in this post are taken by my Samsung S3's camera.)

Here's my before hair, colors faded since my previous dye to a pretty baby pink and purple!

Sally suggested that I have a change of color for my ombre, and I spent another half an hour choosing my new hair color, opps! I know right, I'm a super troublesome person, I want pretty colors and yet I don't want a color combination that is too common..

I ended up asking Sally for a red color that is not too orangey, and she recommended me the Red from Matrix's SoRED series. I fell in love with this shade of red the moment I saw it, and I know I want it on my hair! Sally warned me that this series is not suitable for bleached hair and will fade really quickly, but I decided to go ahead and experience how I'd look with flaming red hair..

And... I really very troublesome one~ I requested for another darker reddish color to go with the flaming red color, and Sally have to mix this red violet color with another darker color to achieve a dark reddish purple color for me which you will see in the photos later.. This shade is actually the lighter color of my previous berry ombre color..

Waiting for the dye to go into my hair~

And I'm done!!

Ohya, look at Sally's hair!!! She's super duper cool right? Tiger prints on her hair!!! I was so amused, and I asked her about it. The tiger prints are not hair extensions, but dyed hair with hand-drawn prints! She also mentioned that zebra prints/leopard prints can be done too~ This might just be the next hair trend omg, its my first time seeing someone with hair like this!

Went window shopping after doing my hair and I camwhored at F21's full length mirror again haha! Loving the huge curls that I have this time round!

Anyway, as I have mentioned, Sally told me that the red will fade away super quickly. It turned hot pink after the first wash..

And this is how my hair color look like one week plus after the dye! It was pinkish blonde the past week!

And that's the end of My Hair Story #2, I enjoyed those few days of having flaming red hair.. If only my hair is not bleached, I can have this pretty shade of red permanently! Those who wants red hot hair, you know where to go to now! :)

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