Tuesday, 11 December 2012

SEXY LOOK Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

Hello... I'm off to Genting in a few hours' time and still up blogging at this hour! Touched or not?

I know this post is right behind the Melody mask post, but I used this mask last week actually! Continue to read on because there's an epic photo of me right at the end haha!

The mask that I'll be introducing today will be SEXY LOOK Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask!

Here are some details of the mask.. Its mainly for brightening and firming to sum it up if you're too lazy to read! Its a 3d mask, the ear hook type, so you can get this if your face is too small for the melody mask or if you're a guy and feel insecure to be seen buying my melody masks haha! Both are good, you should try both anyway~

Opening the packaging... The cotton mask soaked in juicy goodness! :)

Its fully saturated with the serum and yet it does't drip whilst being transferred to my face!

Now, one of my favourite reason to use this mask..... I can continue doing work as I mask haha! The ear hooks hold the mask on my face in place perfectly, I always continue doing my work while using 3d ear hook masks from Sexylook... So if you're someone that's super busy, this would be great for you I promise! :)

Ending off with a photo of me multi-tasking whilst masking haha!! Don't laugh at me please, I wasn't wearing contact lens! :p

Masks are available online or at Watsons! ^^

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