Thursday, 13 December 2012

[Sneak] I changed my hair color again! :D

(Scheduled post)

Okay, I'll be back from genting tonight haha!

I actually went back to Shunji Matsuo at 313 last week to change my hair color and here's a sneak peek! I did it 2 tone again, in bright red and dark red violet this time round!

I insisted on trying this tone of bright red which is not suitable for my bleached hair although Sally warned me beforehand that it'll fade very quickly haha. The red has faded already because I washed my hair daily as usual, but omg it was so nice!!! Will blog about my new hair color again another day!

My hair after one wash!

OOTD when I went to boyf's friend's birthday BBQ:

Aztec tube top from Lovefiiefiie
Ripped high waist denim shorts from some flea in school
Mini Handbag from Carlo Rino

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