Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 resolutions

Well, this is really late but at least I set some goals for myself this year right?

Some things for my to work towards...

1) Improve my sleeping habits

I had horrible sleeping cycles last year, some days I only slept for 2 hours and some days I sleep a lot.

- sleep by 2am every night
- sleep at least 7 hours daily
- wake up early.

2) Have better time management

Always fail to plan my time well, or if I've planned, I can't seem to follow my plans.

- be punctual
- schedule all my work and not do them last minute
- spend more time with family & W & friends.

(Haven't bought my 2013 organiser yet, can't find the perfect elmo dream in rainbow colors organiser, so currently using MS word hahaha)

3) Do well in my studies

Have been saying this every year since I was young actually. Really need better grades to get a better job next time!!

- go for all lessons on time
- revise my notes regularly and study harder
- improve GPA by 0.25

4) Eat and drink healthy

I'm the biggest fan of KFC, Mos burger, bubble tea, pokka green tea, etc etc etc.

- drink lesser sweet drinks - maximum 1 per day!
- lesser fried food & junk food :(
- eat fruits twice a week

5) Take good care of my skin

I know this is ironic, I'm a beauty blogger and a big vainpot, I probably have more skincare then most of you reading this now, but I'm so lazy and lack discipline that I only put on random moisturisers once every few days and mask once a month. I don't even go for facials, partially because I'm busy and partially because I'm lazy.

- put on skincare every morning and night
- mask weekly (twice weekly if possible)
- stop squeezing my pimples
- put lesser make up
- go for facial regularly
- save up to go for lasering (when can I afford this??)

6) Take good care of my hair 

Been bleaching and dyeing my hair a lot in 2012 because I am really fickle minded with how I want to look like, plus Shunji Matsuo 313 became my official hair sponsor of course I wanna try out all the colors they have! Also kind of busy so I didn't go down to do my hair treatment regularly as requested by Sally until last week, opps!

- do treatment monthly
- condition daily
- bleach/dye lesser

7) Lose weight

I was never skinny, not obese too but always on the chubby side!

- target weight: 48kg
- exercise more (omg me no like)
-  maybe I should visit some slimming center since I'm 21 this year haha! (okay anyhow say one, I not so rich puhlease)
- liposuction (my parents and W will probably kill me for doing that plus I don't have the money too haiz)

8) Dress up properly when going out.

I used to wear FBT to town a few years ago..... And last year, I improved a little, wearing denim shorts with school tee to class lol! Since I'm trying to be a fashion blogger and I own a blogshop myself, I shouldn't be so sloppy already!!!


9) Stop getting injured

I have a exceptional track record of spraining my ankle since secondary 3, I think. I sprain my ankle at least once a year ever since. From December 2012, I already sprained my ankle the second time. FML I know. And I don't really know how to prevent but I hope I won't injure my poor little ankle anymore :(

10) Be a better blogger

I know, I neglected my blog in December 2012 when I was really busy, and sometimes, there are just too much beauty posts which I guess is a little overwhelming for those that are not that interested in beauty.

- blog 2 times a week
- diversify my posts and try not to clutter all the same type of posts together


Okay, so those were the 10 most important things that I can think of and need to work on!

Yay hope I become smarter, prettier, slimmer, richer and everything nice this year haha! :)

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