Monday, 28 January 2013

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water + Giveaway!

Been seeing the Bio Spring Water on the racks at some stores and its my turn to try it out now!

And.... Three lucky readers of mine gets to try out the sample sized Bio Spring Water! Giveaway details at the end of this post.. Do read on!


I've been using it many times daily ever since I received it. Did I mention before that I love love multi-purpose products? Convenient and good for lazy people like me! Its currently at the most reachable spot of my "beauty corner", because its just too convenient!

To use it, hold the bottle at a distance about 20 cm away from the targeted area and spray!!! It you're using it before make up, you can pat your face dry after spraying. Super convenient, press the nozzle and you're done, you don't even have to apply it to your face!

There are actually 20 efficacies in this Bio Spring Water, ever seen such a multi-purpose product or not? Here are what it can do for you...

Yes, you can use it on your face, hair, body and even on babies. Its ideal for sensitive skin and is uniquely low in mineral and super low in salt content yet rich in trace minerals for 2X cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing and anti-irritating effects.

I use this all the time, on my face especially, before make up, after make up, etcetc! Here are some ways which I use this Miracle Bio Water, and of course, you can still use it in many other ways..

I love how it can replace most of my skincare products with just one spray: providing oil control, moisturising, firming, brightening, refining pores, relieving pimples and relieve my tired skin. When I wake up late or I'm just feeling lazy that morning, I would just spray this Bio Spring Water in place of my other skincare products before make up. Not only I get all those goodness mentioned above, this cooling water also helps to wake me up when sprayed!

I also love to spray a little of this after my make up. I feel that it adds a dewy and glowy effect to my make up and the water helps to lock in moisture to make my make up more lasting the whole day! It also serves as a moisturiser when I have my make up on, simply just spray it and leave it to dry, it will not smudge or affect my make up in any way. This is something that normal moisturisers cannot do at all!

On bad hair days, this Bio Spring Water is also my good friend! It helps to moisturise my hair, relieving the dry parts especially; and because it will make my hair slightly wet, I'm also able to re-style my hair a little!

Such an awesome product, just spray and go!


Wanna try it?

Here's how you can win a travel-sized Bio Spring Water! (Singapore readers only)

  1. Like Bio-essence facebook page.

  2. Comment below with your facebook name, email address and why you want to win this Bio Spring Water! (If you're really shy then just email me!)

Giveaway will end on 2 Feb 2013 and I'll pick winners at random in the event that there are more than 3 participants!

EDIT(5 Feb 2013): I have contacted the 3 lucky winners via email! :D

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