Saturday, 12 January 2013

Genting with ♥ - day 2

A super overdue post I know, this was exactly one month ago haha!

If you've missed my Genting Day 1's blog post, please click here to read it!  The main highlight of day 2 is the farm visit, it was quite fun but to be truthful, the farms are nowhere near impressive so don't expect too much!

So anyway, we started our day with breakfast at KFC! Wanted to have dim sum initially but there was a loooong queue outside the restaurant and we thought we'll have dim sum breakfast on the last day instead!

Our super duper cheap burgers, I can't remember the price but it should be about $2 per set?

The ingredients are like my favourite, fried chicken plus eggie!

Our next stop is actually the strawberry and mushroom farm which is halfway down the hill. Took a 10+ minutes cable car ride down! Its RM12 for a 2 way ride!

LOL act shuai pose! But not bad la hahaha...

It was a boring long ride down, the view wasn't particular so we were busy cawhoring only wheeeee :)

Reached the cable car station and there was this transformer thingy which he requested to take a photo with hahaha...

Anyway when you reach the cable car station, please do ask around for the shuttle bus to the farms! The staffs there are not very good with directions so you may want to keep asking.. There are also taxi drivers trying to get you to board their cab to go to the farms, pushy max! >:(

The bus takes about 5 minutes to get to a stopover whereby you have to walk a few minutes to the entrance of the strawberry farm!

Strawberry fountain lol....

There was a pick your own strawberries farm so we got a basket and decided to pluck some strawberries! There were about 10 rows for us to pluck our strawberries only, and the plantation was kind of sparse.. Not much red strawberries too, we took quite some time to pick!

The first strawberry that I picked!

Om nom nom...

His first strawberry! :)

W looking cute with the basket lololol... (Anyway, look at the background, very little strawberries right!!! roar)

All that we picked... Heard before that weirdly shaped ugly strawberries are sweeter so we picked some perfect looking ones (to be safe) and some ugly ones too! End up the ugly ones really taste sweeter, although not very sweet still..

11 strawberries costed us RM9.90 which is almost SGD$4. Expensive!!!!

There were quite little strawberries to pick, the strawberries are not very sweet, and super expensive! So just pluck a few for the experience ya? There were families with little kiddies, and the little kids anyhow pluck a lot of not-very-red ones and they had to pay like almost RM60 for strawberries that are neither fully ripe nor sweet.

Went on to take photo in the flower garden! A sea of lavender!

It was really hot, we were there at around noon, and the weather is like Singapore! And look what I was dressed in?? Almost melted lol...

Some pretty roses there but they don't smell like roses at all lol..

Now, I don't know what is this red thing but... just take photo lor haha!

Left the strawberry farm and I bought box of strawberry milk tea powder home! It tasted like hot bubble tea hahaha, they have strawberry chocolate and strawberry coffee drinks too, but I prefer the milk tea! There was also a strawberry cafe but I didn't try the food there...

Walked through a row of stores before reaching the mushroom farm! He was taking a photo of this wall and I voluntarily walked into the photo haha!!

The mushroom farm was actually some sheltered hut with loads of this white and long stuff whereby mushrooms grow out from!! W was super fascinated with the mushrooms and took loads of photos of mushrooms and only mushrooms, so I only picked one to post here haha!

Since when he did like mushrooms so much????

Bought some mushroom chips at the shop after that! Wanted to give my friends but I ended up eating all of them when I came back to Singapore opps. Quite nice, and I guess its healthier than potato chips right?

Went back to the cable car station by taking the shuttle service again! There was a shop selling loads of gummies and sour plums and dried fruits there, some of the gummies cost RM2.50 which is SGD$1 for 100g only!

He was in heaven lor hahaha... And we bought some watermelon gummies because Singapore rarely has it! :)

Back to the top with the cable car and we had lunch at bubbles & bites!!

The menu had some weird exotic dishes as well as pastas and pizzas, so I safely picked mac and cheese which was super nice!

He chose some braised chicken thingy (which is super exotic to me o_o) and it was okay-ish...

Went outdoors to enjoy the cool breeze hehe!

Woooo~ It was cold but quite shiok!

But he wasn't really enjoying it.. He kept trying to pull me indoors wahaha..

My camera battery died after that, but basically, we went back to rest, and then shopped at first world plaza for the rest of the day! Dinner was at Mary Brown which is not nice at all and quite expensive for fast food so I'd recommend you to go to KFC if you wanna eat fried chicken!

And this marks the end of my genting day 2 with boyfriend! Enjoyed the trip a lot!

We did nothing much on the last day and I experienced quite a long chain of bad luck. Still deciding if I should blog about the last day because I know I'll end you ranting non-stop only!

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