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My Hair Story #4 - Healthy dark hair! (color, treatment, cut)

Visited Sally at Shunji Matsuo 313 some time ago this month and me haz healthy dark hair now! :)

I always thought that hair treatment is something luxurious that only rich people do to their hair...... But actually, no, we should do treatment regularly too, once a month would be good! Taking care of our hair (is just like taking care of our face), we shampoo our hair (washing our face), we put facial products (conditioner), we cut/dye/perm/rebond our hair (make up) and we go for facial (HAIR TREATMENT)!

So there I was with my old theory that hair treatment is too luxurious and its not a need at all.... & I happily bleached and dyed countless times the past few months without even considering treatment.. Imagine the damage! My hair was really dry and was in tangles most of the time! This photo look kind of gross because I tend to have the bad habit of not taking care of my hair a few days before going back to Sally at Shunji Matsuo 313 because I know my hair will be "renewed" after visiting them each time opps..

My main intention of going there this time round is to solve my problem of dry and damaged hair! Before the visit, I was contemplating between cutting the dry part off or rebond my hair to solve the problem... Told Sally about my intentions and after some discussion, here's what we decided on that day!

Recently, I felt that ombre colors is a little too common... Okay, I think its because I'm growing older and feeling less adventurous.... And dark colors make dry hair look less dry.... I'm going back to black! Sally was super skilful to mix black and brown dye to achieve my natural hair color exactly which is a very dark brown almost black kind of color.

Ok, not 100% black though, I got purple highlights at the hair ends! My highlights is not from the top of my whole head because I just wanna "make use" of the bleached parts to do a little bit of color for the last time, don't want to bleach any more for the time being!

Yay here are the highlights! They have a peek-a-boo effect!

Let you see under different lightings! In normal lighting my hair color just look more 3D-ish; and the highlights are more obvious under bright lightings!

After dyeing, its time for hair treatment! CUREment herbal is a new organic treatment from Japan (Japan's confirm good wahaha), and it consists of 3 steps! It contains 3 organic oils - argan oil, jojoba oil and damask rose oil - which are good for anti-aging, moisturising and anti-oxidant effect.

Its really really damn good! There was not a single tangle in my hair after the treatment (yes even after bathing and not combing my hair as usual)!!! My hair had millions of tangles daily before the treatment and they're all gone miraculously! I was super pleased with this treatment! 

Here are the 3 steps applied to my hair in order:

  1.  Insert Lipo - to repair damaged parts

  2. Shine Drop - maintenance

  3. Morgan Butter - smoothens the hair

After applying the 3 steps, I got my hair steamed for a while! I always thought that this kind of steaming process is surely very hot and uncomfortable, but no, I felt no discomfort at all and the steam was a little warm only!

Woots I'm a mushroom head! :D

Anyway, CUREment herbal treatment also comes with shampoo and hair mask. There is only one type of shampoo (on the far left) and three types of hair masks - repairing, volumizing and shining! I picked the repairing mask for myself because my hair was really damaged very badly that time!

The hair mask can be used like a conditioner, I use it daily after shampooing. CUREment Herbal's home care is really good, apart from being nice smelling, my hair is really really smooth after using just their shampoo, and super silky after the hair mask!

After the treatment, its time for a haircut! Chopped off about 4 inches of my hair (yay lesser stuffs to take care of)..

I've been having bangs for months so I asked for heart-shaped fringe for fun hehe! Cute or not? Haha!

Woohoo transformation done! I feel that I look much younger with dark color hair out of a sudden.. And my hair looks really really healthy now thanks to the treatment and darker hair color!

So that's all that I did to my hair this month! I know this is a long post to read, but I'm really impressed by the CUREment herbal treatment! Its like magic potion for my hair~ You can refer to the second photo in the post for my hair before the treatment and any other photo for my hair after the treatment. I'm so going to go back for hair treatments monthly now!

Oh, by the way, Shunji Matsuo at 313 is not increasing their prices even for the Chinese New Year period, and they're open until chinese new year's eve! You can go to them to get a makeover or just a treatment as a treat for your and your hair for the new lunar year! Remember to quote "yingjie" for 10% off all chemical services! :)

Shunji Matsuo at 313
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