Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Biore Facial Foam with SPT!

I'm sure most of you know Biore, its a skincare brand widely available in drugstores and supermarkets... Of course, I'm not new to Biore at all; been using their make up removing wipes, powdery wet tissue, marshmallow whip facial wash and even their older version of the facial foam which I'm blogging about today!

(Sorry about the messy hair, was about to go to sleep after washing my face hehe!)

Biore has recently improved their facial foam and they've sent me their scrub as well as acne care facial foam to try!

The new Biore facial foam contains Skin Purifying Technology (SPT) which is a major innovation that has high cleansing power, no penetration to skin (hence no irritation and not causing any damage to our skin) and it works well to balance the oil level at difference parts of our face (forehead and nose VS cheek and chin). See, so much goodness for your skin!

Squeezed out some facial foam to show you people how it looks like! *heart pain waste my facial foam* As you can see, the Acne care cleanser is just milky white and the scrub is milky white with small red beads!

Spread them out a little.. Look, there're so many mini red beads in the scrub. When using the scrub, I can almost not feel the beads at all, they are really gentle on my skin, thumbs up!

And now, its my turn to test them out! Its the same way to use both facial foam and scrub, and actually the small amount I've squeezed in the above photo will do as it foams super well!

Super easy to use: Squeeze a small amount , lather with water and massage onto wet face.

Rinse thoroughly with water and pat your face dry after that!

Tadah, here's the Before (left) and After (right) after I used the scrub and cleanser once! There is visible difference even though its only after one use! No edit at all okay, you can see that my freckles/pigmentations are still there if you look closely!

  1. My skin feels much more radiant and rejuvenated after using the cleanser + scrub!

  2. My pores are less clogged after one wash, there were loads of uneven bumps especially on my nose before the wash, and they're 50% gone after washing!

  3. My freckles/scars are lightened by a teeny weeny bit I feel! (Well, I guess there will be more visible effects after using it for two weeks to a month!)

Anyway, here are the other products from Biore skin caring facial foam series! Do pick the one that suits your skin type ya?

Cleanses and Improves; 1 minute is all you need. - Biore

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