Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Shopping online and seeing similar stuffs being sold in every other shop?

Today, I'll be introducing a blogshop that doesn't sell the usual "Livejournal clothes". I didn't come up with this term myself okay, its actually a term used by many online shoppers; and basically "LJ clothes" refers to the clothes that most blogshops are selling haha! (Okay, correct me if I'm not right about the definition)

Solobelle's tagline: "Fashion fades but not fashion style."

And yes, they carry their own unique fashion style! Its unlikely that you'll find the clothes that you see in Solobelle in other online stores, go take a look at their webstore if you don't believe me!


Its kind of difficult to define exactly what "type" of clothes they're selling, because every piece is unique in a different way!! Some apparels that they carry are office dresses, simple floral dresses, maxi dresses and knit cardigans!

Yes picture time! :) Shall share some of my picks from solobelle!

These are their latest pieces and don't you love them?? I got the wine red faye peplum dress for myself and trust me, its gorgeous! Don't really have any suitable occasion to wear it out yet, but when I do, will post it as OOTD! I kind of liked the maxi floral dress on the far left but I know I'm too short for maxi dresses :/

Fit & Flare dress and Sandrita Dress which I kind of regret not picking for myself now! The mint color and the floral prints are sooooo pretty!

For their fall series, they had rhinestone denim jacket and two rainbow knit cardigans! Special or not?

I thought the rainbow knit cardigan was kind of unique and cute so I got one of it for myself!  The rainbow colors are super duper loud, but it was really comfy to wear! ^^

Picked a casual top too - Natalie Crochet Blouson in pink. This is something that can be easily matched with a pair of high waist shorts for a casual day out!

The last piece that I've gotten from them is this Victoria Dress in Black. This piece comes with the very unique tulip bottom design and is made of quality boutique material. It is more of an office wear so I didn't exactly wear it out yet, but it sure did make me look like I have super good figure when wearing it! So gonna wear this to work next time ~

Go to their website for more choices! :)


& enjoy!!! ♥

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