Sunday, 27 January 2013

Year of Snake. From the Jungles to HDB!

The year of snake is coming! Apart from thinking of receiving red packets, what about being festive and dressing up to suit the year?

Here are some python inspired accessories that you might want to consider!


Snake impressions on silver/gold bangle, classy yet not too loud on the prints!

Seen leopard prints, zebra prints, polka dots and all other kinds of prints, but not snake prints on a backpack! You might want to be the first few to sport this loud backpack for school?

Jimmy Choo's eau de parfum and toilette box design! No doubt one of my favourite!!!! Shall get the eau de toilette soon, smells heavenly~

Basic black for the front and vintage themed prints on the heels, subtly sexy no??

Floral + python, a surprisingly good combination that makes the pouch not too girly nor too loud!


So what are your inspirations?

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