Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February LOVE

You might have already guessed what is this post is all about after reading the title..

I know some of you have been complaining I really lack personal updates in my blog so here's one ya! :D

Valentine's day (actually its also friendship day) as well as our anniversary both falls on February, so its really like the month of love for me and the boyf! Not that there's no love when its not valentine's day hahaha.. Anyway, since our anniversary and Valentine's day are so close, we decided to just combine both and celebrate at one go, especially since our anniversary falls on Chinese New Year!

Went to 拜年 at each other's house on our anniversary~ We ended the night with dinner at Marche with my family, and watching Ah Boys To Men 2 at town with my cousin's family! Yeah, no photo of food or anything, I only got a few photos of us..

The lighting made our noses big and triangle haha, quite funny here hehehe

On the 14th itself, I had lab and we had project meeting till 7pm, super sad right :( We only went to JP for dinner, and it was super nice! Ate at Thai Express, and I really love their food! I'm in love with thai food recently for no reason.. We ordered Honey Chicken rice, Seafood Phat Thai, Prawn Toast and Thai Iced Tea.. All the food was super good, I can eat them everyday seriously... Uploading these photos made me drool, can I eat Thai food like now?

Wandered around... We wanted to eat durian waffle but it was too late and the shop is not making anymore for that night. We made do with Mango Pomelo Sago at some shaved ice dessert shop but I can't remember the shop's name.. It was super good too, but a tad bit pricey, $5+ for one bowl when this kind of dessert cost $2/3 usually.. But it was still worth it, milky and sweet and thick and just yums la! :)

The boyf also bought me a gift that I super duper love! Its the best smelling present in the world I swear, Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette!! Okay actually is I tell him I want that de but he went to buy it without me hehe.. And I got him a touch mouse that looks like a white pebble which he wanted since 100000 years ago, and he likes it a lot too!

I really appreciate him a lot, being so sweet and caring, and is always there for me with hugs and a listening ear all the time! I don't even know how to put what I feel about him in words properly, so I shall end our part with another photo :)


Valentine's day is also Friendship day so don't forget your friends! On the night before 14th, I baked with my girlfriends! Actually we went to Jurong Point to get the ingredients and ended up shopping, so we started baking really late, at about 11pm. Opps. Baked a chocolate cake for Wilson, whose birthday happens to fall on 14 Feb, and we even decorated it with melted chocolate. Also baked brownies for our other OG mates and the brownies looked and tasted good!

The 5 of us being super proud of our creation hahaha! (I know very messy and dirty but nevermind haha)

The brownies that we painstakingly cut, garnished and packed!

And here are some of the stuffs I received that day! I ate some away before I can gather them to take a photo :X


How was your Valentine's Day?

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