Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday Freebies with Myfatpocket

Today is Friday! And one reason I say TGIF is that .............

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There is Friday Freebies in Myfatpocket! Myfatpocket does giveaways on every Friday in their forums for their members. So yes, you stand a chance to win super awesome goodies if you're a MFP member. Don't worry, registration to be a member is completely free!

It super easy to join the giveaways, they will usually ask a very easy question with clues provided and you just have to answer the question in a forum post and TADAH, you stand a chance in winning that item already! You just need to wait patiently for the contest to end and to be contacted by the MFP staffs if you win!

Usually, the freebies are things that I love, make up, perfume, shoes, facial sessions, slimming sessions, vouchers and all things girly. Here are some of the past Friday Freebies...

Killer heels from Elska

 Sothys Hydradvance Kit 

Givenchy Dahlia Noir Parfum

Inner Desire Black Pleated Bikini

Skincode Exclusive Cellular Cream

BRTC Vitalizer set

SaSa Super Dolly and Sasatinnie Show Time Eyelashes

Don't you love what they're giving away? All the beauty and girly stuff, ahhh I like!

Remember to check out Friday Freebies every Friday or whenever you're free, who knows you might be the next winner?

Good luck girls! :D

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