Monday, 25 February 2013

Giveaway #3

Hi all, I know it sucks when you happily type in some blog's URL, and *boomz* there is no new blog post. I know how it feels too sometimes when I go bloghopping!

Gonna apologise first, this week is quite a heavy week for me - mid term paper, assignment due, full lab report (for the first time), and 2 events to attend. It'll be quite impossible for me to churn out blog posts for the time being.. I'll still try I promise, I have editorials to post too so maybe my blog won't be that dead...

Anyway, I decided to hold another giveaway to curb your disappointment of a (maybe) dead week for my blog!!

Giving away a random bunch of things from my endless stash of beauty products... Some masks, beauty products' samples and two pairs of plano cosmetic contact lens! All these in the below picture to be split into 2 prizes randomly (and hopefully equally) by me!

Peach-con lens (0 degrees) in pink and purple. (Btw, I will not be responsible if anything happens to your eyes after wearing the lenses ok!)

How to win?

1) Simply share this on your personal facebook wall:

"I want to win this giveaway!"

2) Comment on this blog post with your email address

Giveaway ends on 3 March 2013 2359!

I'll pick 2 winners randomly and contact them via email :)

Do remember not to delete the post after sharing okay, I'll be asking for evidence that you shared the post on your wall!


Edit (4 March 2013):

Hello girls, I'm quite surprised by the number of entries for this giveaway as I was expecting a much lesser number of participants! There were less than ten participants for my previous giveaway and almost all the comments disappeared one week after the giveaway ended I have no idea why :/

I've picked the winners by this time round..

Congratulations to Chiam Hui Yan & Mariah! :)

I might hold another giveaway soon so do look out for it! :D

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