Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hello Kitty Town!

Omg this way way way overdue but we took so many photos and I just have to post them here! Photos are not edited at all, too many to edit liao :O And I shall only caption a few photos, really too many ah! And quite long ago, I really can't remember much....

As the title says, I went to Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia, Johor with my girlfriends last December! There were 8 of us, and we paid like $40 only for the admission ticket and two-way coach ride.. Its a deal we bought online! The place was really near tuas, I will say less than half an hour from tuas!

Not very fun la, super duper kiddish, suitable for kindergarten kids/ lower primary girls.. The place was really small, kitty land was like the size of one level of a small shopping center.. And there were only 6/7 attractions.. Please go with girls only (I think guys will just rot there ) and be prepared that the most rewarding thing from the trip that you can get is photos and photos only haha. And its super mad crowded, we went on a Saturday.

Group photo at the first level! :D One of my favourite photos!!

Please eat at this red bow cafe before going in because there is no solid food sold inside! :(

Candid photo haha!

Hahaha I must talk about this photo, its super nice apart from the fact that jocelyn and me is not inside and sinhui is making a weird face. Its because we almost reached the end of the escalator and she was afraid that I'd fall or something.. So cute hahaha.

The entrance of hello kitty town!

While queueing for lunch at the cafe, there is this stack of cinnamon rolls, super cute please! Anyway, please eat before entering, (there is a red bow cafe at the first level that sells fried noodles and tarts), this cafe inside only sell puffs, sandwiches, donuts and some not very filling stuff :( Was so hungry!

Their butt, all their tails different one leh!

Some of our lunch.. Mine was the sardine puff, don't like sardine so I ended up eating the pastry skin only :O

Supposed to paint chocolate and strawberry syrup on a hello kitty cookie, but we were provided brushes that were too big O_O

I tried my best already lol....

Some photo station where we get to take photo wearing these sanrio characters' costume which look kind of weird.

And I'm the black maru LOL *photobombing*

Waiting for another station...

Supposed to make a bracelet, this one really is brainless one haha!

Me likey the kitty bow but it looked too DIY... And I have no idea where is the bracelet now :O

Went to some hello kitty house and all the furniture hello kitty one! Got living room, study room, kitchen, toilet, bedroom, and any kinds of room lah, picked a few photos to post here only..

Hello kitty piano! Tried playing it but... no sound :X

The toilet is super cute, I super like! The bathtub is also hello kitty shaped!

My most most most favourite photo in this trip! So cute right we all go into the hello kitty bathtub together haha!

My OOTD. Crop top from @ohsoprettyclothes on instagram!

Me with a giant hello kitty in the bedroom!

Took the tea cup ride, me and kiahin sat in the same tea cup! She very poor thing, because I scared I'll get giddy she cannot spin the tea cup at all, opps opps opps, but thanks!!

Some station that we have to solve some mystery but I have zero idea what they want us to solve, so I don't understand how the kids solve this? :/

Anyway, my battery went flat thereafter, so that's all the photos!!!

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