Friday, 15 February 2013

Nikon 1 J2 camera

As a blogger, one of the most essential thing that I must have is a good and fashionable camera, apart from a laptop (DUH!) Was looking around at cameras and happen to chance upon the Nikon 1 J2 camera!

Anyway, not only bloggers need camera ya, everyone should have a reliable and fashionable camera to bring out with them and snap all the special moments in their lives! So don't skip this post and read on!

Some special features of this camera!

Ultrafast Auto-focus and Smart Photo Selector

I don't know about you guys, but when I do self-shots for fun or for advertorials, very often I need to take like hundreds of photos to get that perfect one. Sometimes its because the photos I took are blurred, sometimes its because the angle is wrong, sometimes its because my hand just can't stop shaking to hold the camera at the right angle, etcetc.. I don't think I'll be facing those problems with the Nikon 1 J2 anymore?

Built-in Flash

I don't own a ring light or those professional looking huge ass flash lights, so a built-in flash is absolutely essential and convenient. Poor lighting will affect image quality and the sharpness of the photo, plus the lighting conditions where we take our photos are usually not bright enough.. The flash for this camera is super cute, its the pop out kind, and not the usual beside the lens kind of flash. This extraordinary flash light is gonna be a head turner for sure! #attentionwhore


It comes in 6 different colors and you'd be spoilt for choice - red, black, white, silver, wine & pink! Most cameras only come in black and its just too plain for me, isn't it awesome that there are 6 colors for us to choose from?

I personally like the white one because white is a color that can match almost any color/outfit that I'm wearing, similar to black, but... How often do you see white cameras around? Even pink cameras seem to be more common than white ones...... Me want the most special one! :D

Imagine me with the white one... Okay, for show only, its not so big! The real Nikon 1 J2 is petite, about 10 cm x 6 cm only!

Apart from taking photos, a camera can also be our accessory to match our outfits! The white one goes effortlessly chic with any outfit, we don't even need other accessories anymore. Here's an outfit of the day (OOTD) which I've concocted, no accessories, just a strap for the camera only, simple and nice right? (Knitted top sponsored by whatthefash)

Style up, look fashionable with the Nikon 1 J2 camera now! :)

You might want to know more about the other functions of this camera here.

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