Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fairy Doll Make Up Tutorial (Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 3)

This is my third entry for Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge! If you haven’t read my previous entry, glamourous doll make up tutorial, you can take a look at it here!

This week’s theme is “fairy doll” and we can only use make up purchased from Skinfood. I'm new to Skinfood and its my first time using their products, luckily the staff there was very friendly and helped me pick my items! She also told me that the products of Skinfood actually contains the food/fruits that it is in its name, I particularly liked the scent of my red orange jelly BB and rose cheek choc hehe.

My first thought when I was thinking of my theme is a flower fairy, I don’t know why but I will always link fairies to flowers . Flower fairies are petite human-like creatures that live among flowers.

I will be doing a normal feature-enhancing makeup look, blinging up the look with some hand drawn flower petals at the corner of my eye. I have picked cool colors to work on, mainly purple and white, so that the overall look will be light and dreamy.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Bai Jia Cafe Food Review + Gourmet Challenge

(Please read till the end of this point because I'll be sharing some good news!)

Went for my first ever food tasting session about a week ago at Bai Jia Cafe which is situated in the west side of Singapore!

To the NTU students reading this, yes this is the eatery near the coffeeshop right across the expressway/overhead bridge. I always walk past Bai Jia Cafe when going to the coffeeshop for supper but I've never tried the food before yet! By the way, NTU students are entitled to 15% off at Bai Jia Cafe! 

Bai Jia Cafe sells a wide variety of food, from chinese dishes to western food. Their prices are very pocket friendly too, with most of their food items under $10 if I'm not wrong!

My Hair Story #5 - Shorter Hair with Pink Ends

Went down to Shunji Matsuo 313 for my monthly hair appointment last week. Chopped off some inches of my hair and dyed the bleached ends pink!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Glamorous Doll Make Up Tutorial (Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 2)

This is my second entry for Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge! If you haven't read my first entry, porcelain doll make up tutorial, you can take a look at it here!

This week's theme is "glamorous doll" and we can only use make up purchased from Sasa! Quite thankful to be able to pick $200 worth of makeup from Sasa, because Sasa have so many many many brands (including some of my favourite brands) that I ended up spending about 2 hours to pick my stuffs.

I was kind of stumped by this theme as I haven't heard of a "glamorous doll", and Google was not of much help either. As such, I decided to just split them up, into "glamorous" plus "doll" and try to create some entirely new look of my own."Glamorous" is fashionable, charming, something unusual and of course beautiful; while "doll" is perfect looking with distinctly big eyes.

Nah, here is the glamorous doll! Okay, its me la :)

The final look consists of a very dramatic eye make up and attention seeking lip color. A natural blush was used to balance out the drama in this look. Main color of the theme is purple as it suits both "glamorous" and "doll", and I added white crystals to the corners of my eyes for a unique touch!

Monday, 18 March 2013

CLS #1: My first accessories spree!

I bet you all will thank me after this post... I'm sharing about Cute Little Strawberries today, CLS is an online blogshop that does accessories spree bimonthly.

Over there, you'd be spoilt for choice because there are hundreds or even thousands of pretty and trendy accessories for you to choose from - necklaces, earrings, anklets, bracelets, hair stuffs, tattoos, bags, rings and more! And best of all, all their items are really cheap, with an average price of about $4, and prices go as low as $1, where else can you find this pricing seriously?

CLS is now sponsoring me and I will be featuring items which I got from Cute Little Strawberries monthly! Can't wait to receive their mail every month hehe! :)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pretty inlay nails with bows by Simplicity Nails!

Guess who have been having pretty nails for the past one week plus?

Me me me!

Did my nails with my nail sponsor, Simplicity Nails, for the first time! Simplicity nails is a home based salon located at the west side of Singapore, owned by Trina who graduated from The Pink Room. There are not many home salons in the west, but now I can conveniently go to Simplicity Nails to get my nails done from school! Went to browse through Simplicity Nails' facebook and blog where Trina uploaded her previous works, and oh boy, I was soooo impressed and excited to get my nails done with her!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Porcelain Doll Make Up Tutorial (Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 1)

Hello all, I'm one of the six finalists participating in Tampines 1's Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge, and the competition will be held for these 3 weeks in March! (You can click the link to look at all the other 5 pretty bloggers!)

Basically, this competition requires us to do up a step-by-step make up tutorial weekly, following a given theme and working around a budget of $200 from a specified shop/brand. The main beauty sponsors are Etude House, Sasa and Skinfood; I'll be using the make up products that I got from these stores to create 3 different dolly looks in the following weeks.

Sounds super exciting right? Honestly, although I'm a big vainpot and my blog is somewhat a beauty blog, I'm not very good at make up, moreover creating different looks.... I've always been sporting the same make up look! If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, I've only made one or two eye make up tutorials in the past, so this is like my first try at doing a full make up tutorial! Warning, there will be many many ugly photos of me when my make up is still undone. *hides*


As you can see from the title, week 1's theme is actually "Porcelain Doll" and we can only use make up from Etude House.

Porcelain Dolls are usually perfect-looking with glazed complexion. They have flawless complexion, big eyes, small nose, small mouth and glowy rosy cheeks. I aim to achieve flawless and glowy skin, with big doe eyes and small pouty ombre lips. 

Here is the look that I've created, nice or not???

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

First Visit to The DRx Clinic!

My skin was never close to perfect, I have had random pimples growing on my face now and then. My skin condition worsened when I first entered NTU last year and started staying in hall ... Sleeping irregular hours and sleeping in a non air-conditioned room killed my skin. Pimples appear regularly and its quite rare to see my face being clear of pimples. Also, those pimples left quite some scars and marks on my face :(

I went to The DRx Clinic last week for my first skin consultation. Yes, I don't want to live with pimples or pimple scars on my face anymore, hence the decision to seek professional help. I've heard many good reviews about The DRx Clinic online, especially from those people who are fighting acne and I can't wait to witness the positive results on myself! Will be sharing the progress of my skin's condition on my blog in the following weeks to come so keep reading!~

We have to go there without wearing make up for proper skin analysis. I hid behind my geek specs on my way there haha! (This photo is edited, hence the perfect skin.)

The DRx Clinic is located at the 16th level of Tong building, which is conveniently in between Lucky plaza and Paragon, about 5-10 minutes walk from Orchard MRT station. Quite easy to find them even for people who always get lost (like me hehe). They actually own the whole 16th floor - the clinic on one half and the Mediaspa on the other half!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

What you didn't know about Botox at Aesthetics Hub

Did you know…
that Botox can Treat Acne Breakouts, Eliminate Large Pores, Reduce Sebum Production?

A plastic surgeon in Chicago injects directly into the skin to eliminate large pores, oil production and acne breakouts. He said that Botox prevents the production of the sebum, which in turn starves the bacteria that causes pimples.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Vichy Bi-White Med Essence Exclusive Event + Review

I was invited for a closed-door session with Vichy at Paris Baguette Café at Wisma Atria some time last week. Was new to Vichy's products and have not been to Paris Baguette Café before, so you can guess how happy and excited I was even if it means that I have to rush to town straight after lessons from NTU!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="650" caption=""][/caption]

The stars of that event - Vichy's Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence (Center) as well as the day and night moisturisers form the same series.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Vita Green Lingzhi Capsules

I know I've always been blogging about beauty products, and today's post is on something new - health supplement!

Today's health supplement which I'll be talking about is Vita Green Lingzhi capsules!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Kinohimitsu J'pan BB Drink

I'm sure BB creams are pretty common to most of you now (even guys), but what about BB drink? Sounds good right?

Was sent a box of Kinohimitsu J'pan BB Drink to try out! Been a hardworking girl, drinking this daily for the past week!

Check this out! This product is so amazingly light, it floats!

Wow, this is something that is amazingly light!! See how Magic Babe Ning levitate it in the air and do share it! :)


Monday, 4 March 2013

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Plus, you stand a chance to win Streetdirectory monthly prizes. Feb/March, is giving away 50 Takashimaya vouchers!

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Amethystory Mineral Yoghurt Mask

Do you know that yoghurt is as good for your skin as it is edible?

To be honest, I didn't know that too, before I received this Amethystory Mineral Yoghurt Mask to try out....

Saturday, 2 March 2013

March is Independent Women Month!

Hey ladies, March is Independent Women Month!

Are you an independent woman?

You don't have to be a die hard feminist to be a strong and independent woman. You just need to express yourself in the way you are and not try to fit into other's perception of being a female. Learn to make your own decisions, be responsible for yourself and stay confident! :)