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Bai Jia Cafe Food Review + Gourmet Challenge

(Please read till the end of this point because I'll be sharing some good news!)

Went for my first ever food tasting session about a week ago at Bai Jia Cafe which is situated in the west side of Singapore!

To the NTU students reading this, yes this is the eatery near the coffeeshop right across the expressway/overhead bridge. I always walk past Bai Jia Cafe when going to the coffeeshop for supper but I've never tried the food before yet! By the way, NTU students are entitled to 15% off at Bai Jia Cafe! 

Bai Jia Cafe sells a wide variety of food, from chinese dishes to western food. Their prices are very pocket friendly too, with most of their food items under $10 if I'm not wrong!

Here's their menu, looks good right?

Here's the owner of the cafe, Dawn, introducing the curry dishes to us which she prepared herself! She's really good at preparing spicy dishes, but too bad for me as I can't really take spicy food.

Here are all the food that we had that day!

Curry Chicken: I believe this dish will appeal to many people with its fresh chicken and thick gravy. However, its a little too spicy for me.

Laksa: Best laksa presentation I've ever seen thanks to the bowl haha. Noticed that it was not served with cockles, noodles are springy and the soup base is adequately flavourful. Served with an egg! :)

Curry Fish Head: This dish was served in a claypot with a generous portion of veggies, awesome! Many others complimented that the fish was really fresh too (but I don't really know how to tell haha)..

Thai-Style Tofu: Typical thai fried tofu but with a more fresh and tangy sauce than usual. I prefer the signature tofu below!

Signature Tofu: A mixture of tofu, prawns, chestnut, black fungus and some other veggies deep fried together. A must-try dish, every bite is a new surprise! :)

I bit into a prawn on my first bite, lucky or not?

Pork Belly with preserved veggies: I didn't try this as it is not my type of food...

French Fries (that will be served with their western dishes) : Their fries are seasoned with secret ingredients, I don't know how to describe how it tasted like, but its another must-try too!

Fish & Chips(usually served with chips): Quite a normal dish, but I won't mind getting this on days that I'm craving for fried food! :)

Chicken Cutlet (served with fries usually): Quite a normal dish too, but I don't really like it for no special reason. I prefer the fish!

Milo Dinosaur: The drink was quite diluted and luckily I have milo powder on top to mix in. I wouldn't recommend their drinks. Others who tried iced milo and iced teh tarik also commented that their drinks are very diluted. :(

So all in all, the top three dishes that I will go back for will be the Signature Tofu, French Fries and Laksa! Might go back and try the other food on their menu too :D

Brought bf along for the food tasting session and I believe he enjoyed the food too! (See what he was doing behind my head lol)

Happy boy taking photo outside the store haha!

Bai Jia Cafe - 909 Jurong West St 91, Jurong West, 640909


This food tasting session was organised by openrice and their Gourmet Challenge has just started! When I read the details of the Gourmet Challenge, I was thinking "WA, SO GOOD ONE!"


From 18 March to 31 July 2013, you can contribute food reviews to openrice and win many many many prizes. They have many types of prizes up for grabs, I'm sure there is something that you will hope to get from the list of prizes. Also, there are sure win prizes, monthly lucky draw and overall grand prizes; so its like as long as you write at least 15 reviews, you get a prize for sure!

See below for the complete list of prizes.. Crazy right, I also want to join!

How to join? It's very simple, you can do it in 3 steps! :D


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