Monday, 18 March 2013

CLS #1: My first accessories spree!

I bet you all will thank me after this post... I'm sharing about Cute Little Strawberries today, CLS is an online blogshop that does accessories spree bimonthly.

Over there, you'd be spoilt for choice because there are hundreds or even thousands of pretty and trendy accessories for you to choose from - necklaces, earrings, anklets, bracelets, hair stuffs, tattoos, bags, rings and more! And best of all, all their items are really cheap, with an average price of about $4, and prices go as low as $1, where else can you find this pricing seriously?

CLS is now sponsoring me and I will be featuring items which I got from Cute Little Strawberries monthly! Can't wait to receive their mail every month hehe! :)

Let me show you what you can get for $40 from CLS, you'd be amazed at how many items I've gotten! I took really long to pick the items as they have tons of pretty stuffs, and $40 is really not enough haha..

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and tattoos..

And a super cute pouch! :)

The owner of CLS actually packed the accessories into a box before mailing to protect them, and every order comes with a colored invoice. Convenient for us to check if we've received all our orders! :D

Can you believe this whole set of bangles cost only $3.50? Its such a steal! I was having fun wearing all these bangles separately to create different styles..

Pearls only..

Gold ones on the arms.. (opps I see some fats lol)

I also picked this statement necklace which costs only $5. This kind of necklaces could easily cost over $20 outside! Sadly, I broke it while trying to remove it after wearing, ahhh angry at myself! >:( Maybe I'll order another piece again!

This hairband is kinda cool too, look like I used the metal thing to tie my hair together, but actually there's a rubber band inside!

Long vintage heart necklace, this one matches practically anything!

Just put this on whenever you find that your outfit is too boring..

Super cute polka dotted pouch with ears!! It doesn't look big but its capacity is amazing.. I'm still deciding if I should use it as my make up pouch or camera pouch.

Pretty and sparkly ear studs! So classy...

This super cute hair band hehe! Love the two "bunny ears" peeping out of my head!

And lastly, temporary tattoos! Good for people who want to act cool like me haha! :D

That sums up everything that I got for $40, its a crazy amount of things I know, that's why I love Cute Little Strawberries!

I've ordered more accessories for myself in their next spree, what about you? The next spree closes on 26 March, be sure to place your orders before it closes! :D

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