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Fairy Doll Make Up Tutorial (Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 3)

This is my third entry for Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge! If you haven’t read my previous entry, glamourous doll make up tutorial, you can take a look at it here!

This week’s theme is “fairy doll” and we can only use make up purchased from Skinfood. I'm new to Skinfood and its my first time using their products, luckily the staff there was very friendly and helped me pick my items! She also told me that the products of Skinfood actually contains the food/fruits that it is in its name, I particularly liked the scent of my red orange jelly BB and rose cheek choc hehe.

My first thought when I was thinking of my theme is a flower fairy, I don’t know why but I will always link fairies to flowers . Flower fairies are petite human-like creatures that live among flowers.

I will be doing a normal feature-enhancing makeup look, blinging up the look with some hand drawn flower petals at the corner of my eye. I have picked cool colors to work on, mainly purple and white, so that the overall look will be light and dreamy.


Here are the products that I’ve used to get this look, they’re all available at Skinfood! Details of the products at the end of this post!

Face - Basic base make up and contouring to get a smaller sharper face

Left: Apply Red Orange Jelly BB all over face evenly

Center: Use Banana Concealor Stick on flaws and darker areas, blend with brush or fingers. This concealor is really thick and easy to use, I love it!

Right: Finish the base make up by Buckwheat Loose Powder all over face in soft patting motions.


Contour the face by apply bronzer at the dotted areas (if you have a big face like me) and also contour the nose to make it sharper!

Eyes - Normal eye make up and hand drawn petals at the corner of one eye

Apply Eggplant Soft Stick Shadow at the following areas. This eye shadow is really convenient as we don't have to blend it, just draw with the stick and we're done!

Line the upper lash line with a thin layer of Sweet Almond Eyeliner.

Glue the two falsies, Real Eyelash Daily #2 and Special #1, together and let the glue dry.  (Glue comes in the box with the lashes!)

Daily #2 makes the eye look longer and increase the volume of lashes while Special #2 increase the length of lashes and the sparse design gives it a slightly dramatic look.

Trim the lash band from the outer corners if the lash band is too long, and paste the falsies as close to the upper lash line as possible. This time round, I want the falsies to be the same length as the eyes because I will need space to draw the flower petals in the next step.

Draw a faint line with dry eyeliner along the lower lash line at the outer corner of the eye.

Drew the petals with the white stick eye shadow first and add shading and coloring onto the petals with the pink and purple stick. You may change the color and shape of the petals or use other eye shadows, but the stick eyeshadows are really convenient! (Maybe I'll do a more detailed tutorial on how to draw petals next time!)

Outline the petals by drawing free hand with the eyeliner when the eyeliner is slightly dry so that the lines will not be too harsh.

Cheeks - very sheer blush

Dab a little Rose Cheek Choc at the highest point of the cheeks, spread and blend all over the cheeks with fingers. Keep the blush as sheer as possible so that it doesn't fight for the limelight with the flower petals at the eye!


I used the white stick eyeshadow as a highlighter and applied to the dotted areas. Blended a little by rubbing with my fingers.

Lips - slightly warm tone with a glittery finishing

Left: Apply Vita Tok Lipstick to the lips carefully. I chose a pink color to have a little contrast with the overall cool tone look.

Right: Apply a thin layer of shimmer on the lips by using finger to pat on a little of the white stick eyeshadow to "cool" down the pink.

I am not contouring my lips this time round as I feel that fairies tend to have thinner lips instead of pouty lips.

Finish the whole makeup look by spraying Red Orange Make Up Finish all over the face! This helps to make the makeup last longer!

Le transformation! :D

Products used: (all from Skinfood)

  1. Red Orange Jelly BB SPF20 PA++ #1; $26.90

  2. Banana Concealor Stick #1; $21.50

  3. Buckwheat Loose Powder #23, $22.00

  4. Eggplant Soft Stick Shadow #1, $13.50

  5. Eggplant Soft Stick Shadow #3, $13.50

  6. Eggplant Soft Stick Shadow #5, $13.50

  7. Sweet Almond Eyeliner #1, $21.00

  8. Real Eyelash Daily #2, $4.50

  9. Real Eyelash Special #1, $4.50

  10. Rose Cheek Choc #2, $16.50

  11. Vita Tok Lipstick PK03, $19.90

  12. Red Orange Make Up Finish, $21.90

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So that's the end of all the "doll" tutorials!



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