Wednesday, 13 March 2013

First Visit to The DRx Clinic!

My skin was never close to perfect, I have had random pimples growing on my face now and then. My skin condition worsened when I first entered NTU last year and started staying in hall ... Sleeping irregular hours and sleeping in a non air-conditioned room killed my skin. Pimples appear regularly and its quite rare to see my face being clear of pimples. Also, those pimples left quite some scars and marks on my face :(

I went to The DRx Clinic last week for my first skin consultation. Yes, I don't want to live with pimples or pimple scars on my face anymore, hence the decision to seek professional help. I've heard many good reviews about The DRx Clinic online, especially from those people who are fighting acne and I can't wait to witness the positive results on myself! Will be sharing the progress of my skin's condition on my blog in the following weeks to come so keep reading!~

We have to go there without wearing make up for proper skin analysis. I hid behind my geek specs on my way there haha! (This photo is edited, hence the perfect skin.)

The DRx Clinic is located at the 16th level of Tong building, which is conveniently in between Lucky plaza and Paragon, about 5-10 minutes walk from Orchard MRT station. Quite easy to find them even for people who always get lost (like me hehe). They actually own the whole 16th floor - the clinic on one half and the Mediaspa on the other half!

Was greeted with a clean and classy interior as well as the reception area once I entered the clinic.

Since it was my first time there, I had to fill in the Patient's Registration Form which is about one page long. Apart from personal particulars and contact details, they also have some questions that make you feel like they really care about you... Questions like how do we want to be addressed, our preferred spoken language, and even which type of magazines will we like to see in the waiting room!

The clinic was quite crowded, considering the fact that I was there on a weekday afternoon. However, the waiting time was quite short as we have to make appointments before going down for our consultations.

The DRx Clinic carries Derma-Rx products!

Was ushered into the consultation room and my doctor is Dr David Ng! He's quite friendly and even chatted a little with me. When he asked about my skin concerns, I told him that my main concern was pimples and scars left behind by pimples. He took a closer look at my skin with his magnifying glass + light device and proceeded to tell me about my skin problems - my skin is a little on the oily side and I have some clogged pores apart from pimples and marks. He also mentioned that mine wasn't a very big problem so I was secretly relieved deep inside! He went on to prescribe me some products to use at home and also explained to me what they are for.

Here's a photo Dr David Ng and me!

After that, I went to the briefing rooms and the consultant explained to me how to use the products step by step. The consultant was in the consultation room during consultation with Dr David Ng the whole time so she knows what products I was prescribed, no worries about getting the wrong products.

She also wrote down the steps in a booklet for me to bring home, good for super forgetful people like me!

Its time to take photos next! Not camwhoring, but photos of our full face without make up and with our fringe up. These photos are for them to record and track the progress of our skin condition. Hopefully, I will have nicer skin for them to take photo of in my next visit! :)

After taking photos, I was supposed to wait at the waiting area to collect my prescribed products, but I didn't even get  to sit down before my name was called, how efficient! Here are the products which I brought home!

I actually explored the clinic and medispa a little, shall share some photos of the other parts of the clinic!

One of the treatment rooms..

A separate private waiting area for patients doing laser treatment, for them to rest and wait for the numbing cream to set in, how thoughtful of The DRx Clinic right!

Make up area for ladies who want to put on their make up after doctor's consultation!

Excited to start on The Derma-Rx regime!! :D

Here are the products which I was prescribed, just in case you wanna know! I'm actually giving up my usual skincare routine and the huge store of skincare products that I have at home just for this Derma-Rx regime for maximum result and efficacy.

  • Milk Cleanser

  • Foaming Cleanser

  • Toner

  • Comedone Formula

  • Liposomal Sunscreen

  • Acne Spot Lotion

  • X cream

  • Samples of: Hydrator and Alpha-Beta Gel

Been using these products for a week now and my skin is already getting better! I'll do a more detailed review on them again when I have used them for a longer period of time.


The DRx Clinic
Tel: 6733 1555

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