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Glamorous Doll Make Up Tutorial (Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 2)

This is my second entry for Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge! If you haven't read my first entry, porcelain doll make up tutorial, you can take a look at it here!

This week's theme is "glamorous doll" and we can only use make up purchased from Sasa! Quite thankful to be able to pick $200 worth of makeup from Sasa, because Sasa have so many many many brands (including some of my favourite brands) that I ended up spending about 2 hours to pick my stuffs.

I was kind of stumped by this theme as I haven't heard of a "glamorous doll", and Google was not of much help either. As such, I decided to just split them up, into "glamorous" plus "doll" and try to create some entirely new look of my own."Glamorous" is fashionable, charming, something unusual and of course beautiful; while "doll" is perfect looking with distinctly big eyes.

Nah, here is the glamorous doll! Okay, its me la :)

The final look consists of a very dramatic eye make up and attention seeking lip color. A natural blush was used to balance out the drama in this look. Main color of the theme is purple as it suits both "glamorous" and "doll", and I added white crystals to the corners of my eyes for a unique touch!


Here are the products that I've used to get this look, they're all available at Sasa! Details of the products at the end of this post!

Face - Matt with defined cheekbones

Left: Applied BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream all over my face, using it as a moisturiser + sunblock + make up base.

Center: Dab K-palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealor on under eye areas and on pimples/scars and blend with Ecotools Bamboo Concealor brush by patting on those areas.

Right: Applied a layer of Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation all over my face, do apply it fast as the texture turns powdery very quickly.

Contoured my face with the Balm Bahama Mama Bronzing Powder using the Ecotools Bamboo Mineral Powder Brush at the blue areas. I want to achieve more defined cheek bones for this theme.

I also highlighted my T-zone with the white highlight in Cyber Colors Duo Blush Wear with the same brush.

Eyes - Drama mama with a dolly twist!

Applied Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow on my eyelids with my fourth finger by dabbing and rubbing lightly. I kept the eyeshadow to the area of my eyelids and extended outwards a little by less than half a centimeter to make my eyes look a little bigger.

Draw a thin line along the upper lash line with Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, and extend to where the eyeshadow ends.

I created parallel double eyelids with Darkness Eyelash Adhesive in white. Parallel double eyelids open up our eyes and goes very well with dramatic eye make up especially. Detailed tutorial here.

I curled my lashes with an eyelash curler and coated them with a layer of K-palette 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara so that they will not be noticeable when I have my falses lashes on.

Stuck on a pair of Dayla Fashion Eyelash with Darkness Eyelash Adhesive on my upper eyelids.

Left: Drew on bottom lashes at the outer corner of my eyes with K-Palette 24hr Real Lasting Eyeliner Waterproof Micro. Drew triangles starting from the outer corner of my eyes and go inwards, drawing the triangle smaller each time.

Right: Pasted 2 crystals at the outer corners of my eyes, going slightly diagonally downwards, with Darkness Eyelash Adhesive as this glue is friendly on my skin!

Cheeks - natural blush to balance out the look

Applied Cyber Colors Duo Blush Wear in peachy pearl to the apples of my cheeks in circular motion lightly with Ecotools Bamboo Mineral Powder Brush.

Lips - pouty lips with a purple tint! 

Left: Applied a layer of Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation to lighten the color of my lips. Lightening the color of our lips enables us to achieve the right shade of color that we had in mind when purchasing a particular lipstick/lip gloss.

Right: Applied 2-3 layers of Loreal Shine Caress Lip Color in Milady on my lips! Next, I defined my cupid bow and my pout with highlighter and bronzer. (More details in Porcelain doll tutorial)

Glamming up

Highlighted my face again with Sana Make Skin Face powder by patting lightly with the powder puff at this 5 areas to make my face more 3D.

Matched this look with a big bun updo and a black tube dress, and I'm done!

Before and after photo, I'm feeling so proud of my makeup skills now as I'm looking at the above photo and typing this sentence!

Products used: (all from Sasa)

  1. BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream; my own

  2. K-palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealor (01 Natural Beige); $19.90

  3. Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation (OC-B); $34.00

  4. the Balm Bahama Mama Bronzing Powder; $29.90

  5. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow (20 painted purple); $15.90

  6. Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner; $18.90 (my own)

  7. Darkness Eyelash Adhesive (White); $8.80 (my own)

  8. K-palette 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara; $25.90 (my own)

  9. Dayla Fashion Eyelash (104); $15.90

  10. K-Palette 24hr Real Lasting Eyeliner Waterproof Micro; $19.90 (my own)

  11. Gemstones/blings; my own

  12. Cyber Colors Duo Blush Wear (01 peachy pearl); $13.90

  13. Lip Ice (strawberry); my own

  14. Loreal Shine Caress Lip Golor (603 Milady); $18.90

  15. Sana Make Skin Face powder (CG 02); $23.90

  16. Ecotools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set (Mineral powder brush, concealor brush, eye shading brush, baby kabuki, cosmetic case); $28.90

Hehe one fun shot! I was over-smiling in this photo so my eyes are kind of small in this photo..

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I hope that you all are enjoying my "doll" tutorials so far!



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