Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Kinohimitsu J'pan BB Drink

I'm sure BB creams are pretty common to most of you now (even guys), but what about BB drink? Sounds good right?

Was sent a box of Kinohimitsu J'pan BB Drink to try out! Been a hardworking girl, drinking this daily for the past week!

Are you having any of these problems? I have quite a few of the problems below and the BB drink is supposed to help me with these problems!

Here are the benefits of this BB drink!

Main ingredients of the drink are bird's nest, chicken cartilage, fermented yeast, acerola cherry and rice bran ceramide!

You may refer to their main site for more information here while I'll now go into my personal experience! :)

Its a Bird's nest with Acerola Cherry Drink, and comes in a box of 6 bottles! Each box costs $39.90 so its about $6+ per bottle!

When to drink it?

1 bottle each time, preferably before breakfast or bedtime. Shake well before drinking. Keep chilled for delicious taste.

For first-time users: 1 bottle a day for 6 consecutive days. For maintenance: 1 bottle every 3 days.

Baby-like rosy skin, I want! Since I'm a first time user, I drank it for 6 days straight religiously!

It tasted quite sweet, not bitter at all unlike other tonics! I love sweet stuffs and I believe most of you ladies do too. I was looking forward to drinking this everyday, if only there is a soft drink that taste like that too~

After a week of taking this drink, actually a busy week with lack of sleep, my skin looks decently humane! Usually when I slept very little for days and am really tired, my skin looks like crap, yellowish, dull and even make up can't stay on my face properly. This time round, my skin still looks decent and I have no problems with applying make up on my face. Also, there is a slight glow to my skin!

For my case, there is slight improvement to my overall skin condition despite the lack of sleep the past week, which is commendable! I won't kid you by saying my skin transformed and became super glowy, rosy and perfect after drinking this for 6 days of course. Please understand that it takes some time to see the effects (especially visible ones) of the supplements that we take, be it for health or beauty or whatnot.. But anyway, I'm quite pleased with the effects so far.

Loving the sweet taste of this drink and I'm glad that my skin condition have improved a little so far! However, I find this a little pricey, especially for students like me to consume long term.. But I guess its the quality and the type of ingredients that make it so pricey!

You may find this drink selling at some of the drugstures and departmental store if you're interested to try it! :D

Some pictures and product information obtained from: http://www.kinohimitsu.com/products/bbdrink.html

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