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Porcelain Doll Make Up Tutorial (Tampines 1 Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 1)

Hello all, I'm one of the six finalists participating in Tampines 1's Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge, and the competition will be held for these 3 weeks in March! (You can click the link to look at all the other 5 pretty bloggers!)

Basically, this competition requires us to do up a step-by-step make up tutorial weekly, following a given theme and working around a budget of $200 from a specified shop/brand. The main beauty sponsors are Etude House, Sasa and Skinfood; I'll be using the make up products that I got from these stores to create 3 different dolly looks in the following weeks.

Sounds super exciting right? Honestly, although I'm a big vainpot and my blog is somewhat a beauty blog, I'm not very good at make up, moreover creating different looks.... I've always been sporting the same make up look! If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, I've only made one or two eye make up tutorials in the past, so this is like my first try at doing a full make up tutorial! Warning, there will be many many ugly photos of me when my make up is still undone. *hides*


As you can see from the title, week 1's theme is actually "Porcelain Doll" and we can only use make up from Etude House.

Porcelain Dolls are usually perfect-looking with glazed complexion. They have flawless complexion, big eyes, small nose, small mouth and glowy rosy cheeks. I aim to achieve flawless and glowy skin, with big doe eyes and small pouty ombre lips. 

Here is the look that I've created, nice or not???

I did a natural makeup look - focusing on base make up, contouring and using mostly natural peachy shades. However, I played up on eye makeup with gyaru eye makeup technique to achieve a more dolly look with the fake eyelashes. Lastly, I also worked on the lips, creating an ombre effect and focusing on getting the perfect shape and pout.

Honestly, I took like more than 15 hours in total for this post, maybe 20 hours even - from choosing the make up, experimenting twice, taking photo step-by-step, taking photos of the finished look without a camera stand or ring light, editing/cropping/collaging the photos, uploading the photos online and typing this loooong tutorial.. Don't know if its because I'm noob at this or it really takes so much effort and time to get a full make up tutorial up, but this is like far more than 100% effort okay! Hehe I shall stop whining.

Here are the products that I used in creating this look! Name, color code and prices of the products at the end of this post!

I did my makeup in this order: face (base and contouring) - eye - cheeks - lips. Apply skincare products (and you are recommended to wear iris-enlarging contact lenses) prior to applying make up.

Face - flawless and glowy complexion with perfect features.

Left: Applied Nymph Aura Boosting Primer to my whole face. This primer brightens up my skin very well, hence perfect for the glowy look that I want to acheive. However, do not apply to much if not your face will look too shiny to be good.

Right: After priming my face, I applied Moistfull Collagen BB Cream thinly to my whole face. You may want to pat the BB cream on instead of rubbing, for more coverage.

Left: Dab Surprise Concealor Kit (I used the lighter shade in the kit) on pimples/scars, as well as those shadowed areas as shown in my photo above!

Right: Blend in the concealor lightly, apply another layer of BB cream if the color contrast is too great.

Golden Ratio Contour Maker is actually 3-in-1, containing a bronzer, highligher and blusher. The red area is where to apply bronzer (outlining face and nose bridge), and the yellow area is where to highlight (nose bridge). A smaller face and more defined nose will be achieved! :)

Another photo of my contoured nose! Contouring your nose is very important, your nose is at the center of your face, and it won't look good if you have a snub at the center of your face.

Eyes - very important to get a dolly look!

First, apply Look at My Eyes Cafe PK001 in the pink area, use this nude shade for the base color. Then, apply Look at My Eyes Cafe BR401 in the brown area to define and "extend" my eye socket to make my eyes look bigger. Lastly, dab a little Look at My Eyes Cafe PP503 in the red area and spread it on the whole eyelid lightly, this shimmery brown eye shadow was used to give my eyes a pop of color.

Lined my upper lash line thinly with Oh M'Eye Line. I used a black liquid liner to get an intense and fine black line, extending the wing outwards until the furthest point where I applied the eye shadow. It is important to apply black eyeliner to the lids to make our eyes look bigger. The eyeliner also serves as the boundary where we can paste our upper falsies later.

Left: Used Proof10 Auto Pencil, which is a brown pencil liner, from the center of my lower lash line to join the end of the upper eyeliner. This serves as a guide for me to paste my lower falsies later.

Right: Used Eye Glow Pencil, a shimmey cream liner, to line my lower lash line and to fill up the inner area of the brown eyeliner. This whitish eyeliner will make my eyes look bigger, having more "eye white".

Used Fake Eye Lash #09 (Wonder Volume) for my upper lashes, comes with eyelash glue. We don't have to cut the upper falsies even if the lash band is too long, just paste it along the extended eyeliner to enhance the length of our eyes. This pair has a natural volumising design with an invisible lash band. I personally find invisible band falsies softer, don't know if this is personal or it is the same for everyone?

Used Fake Eye Lash #011 for my bottom falsies, comes with eyelash glue too. It is actually the only bottom fake eyelash design available in Etude House, that's why I got this design, but its pretty enough! Bottom falsies are extremely essential for us to achieve the dolly look so it is a must. Paste it on the line drawn by the brown pencil liner, not the shimmery liner. The lower falsies will be away from the lower lash line for a droopy look! You might have to trim the bottom falsies according to the length of your eye.

Cheeks - a natural radiant glow

I used Fresh Cherry Tint as my cheek tint, it is actually a lip tint too! Chose this color because it is a slight peachy pink which looks very natural. Dab a little to the highest point of my cheeks and blended it with my fingers in a circular motion. You can build the intensity of the color so start with a small amount first. In the event that you applied too much color, simply put a little BB cream over to cover up. I used a tint to get a naturally rosy-cheeked look.

To make the blush more lasting, I pressed a small amount of Lovely Cookie Blusher (yes, the same peachy pink shade) with the puff provided onto my cheeks. Lastly, I also swept a little blusher from the Golden Ratio Contour Maker on my cheekbones for a healthy glow!

 Lips - Small, pouty ombre lips in natural colors!

Left: Apply Fresh Cherry Tint onto two-third of both upper and lower lips, and blend outwards.

Right: Spread the tint outwards to create the ombre look.

Left: Ombre lips with Fresh Cherry Tint.

Right: Ombre lips with Fresh Cherry Tint and Dear Darling Tint. I added Dear Darling Tint to the inner one-third of both upper and lower lips and blended outwards.

Left: Define the cupid bow (the white line) with either shimmery eyeliner or highlighter and blend a little upwards. Shade (the red triangle) with some bronzer or matt brown eyeshadow to get a more defined pout.

Right: Apply a thin layer of Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper to the lips. The ombre color can be blended more evenly and all the lip wrinkles will be plumped up! Yay to sexy glossy lips!

Matched this look with straight bangs and hair slightly curled at the bottom, with a lacey vintage white dress and we're done! (My hair is done by Jerry from Shunji Matsuo 313)

To refresh your memory, this is how I look like before and after. I know my before photo very ugly la, but with make up I can look like a doll, so can you! Go try out this look alright?

Products used: (all from Etude House)

  1. Nymph Aura Boosting Primer; $24.90

  2. Moistfull Collagen BB Cream #1; $39.90

  3. Surprise Concealor Kit #02; $14.90

  4. Golden Ratio Contour Maker #1; $24.90

  5. Lovely Cookie Blusher #6; $12.90

  6. Look at My Eyes Cafe PK001; $7.90

  7. Look at My Eyes Cafe BR401; $7.90

  8. Look at My Eyes Cafe PP503; $7.90

  9. Oh M'Eye Line #01; $8.90

  10. Proof10 Auto Pencil BR401; $7.90

  11. Eye Glow Pencil (my own)

  12. Fake Eye Lash #09; $5.90

  13. Fake Eye Lash #011; $5.90

  14. Fresh Cherry Tint #1; $12.90

  15. Dear Darling Tint (my own)

  16. Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper #02; $12.90

I took a lot of photos but really not enough time to filter all and edit all the nice ones, so here's one last one!

If you like the look that I've created or you are a fan of my blog, please help to vote for me by liking this photo below on @tampines1 's instagram from tomorrow onwards!! If possible, follow Tampines1 on instagram too ya? :)

Yay thanks for reading! Super relieved that it finally done! BYEEE! :D



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