Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pretty inlay nails with bows by Simplicity Nails!

Guess who have been having pretty nails for the past one week plus?

Me me me!

Did my nails with my nail sponsor, Simplicity Nails, for the first time! Simplicity nails is a home based salon located at the west side of Singapore, owned by Trina who graduated from The Pink Room. There are not many home salons in the west, but now I can conveniently go to Simplicity Nails to get my nails done from school! Went to browse through Simplicity Nails' facebook and blog where Trina uploaded her previous works, and oh boy, I was soooo impressed and excited to get my nails done with her!

And this is where Trina will do your nails, a cosy little pink room that is like a dream come true for most girls! Almost everything is pink, from curtains to walls to table and even the tools....

The clean and tidy and pink working area! :)

Trina actually asked me what design I have in mind before I went down for my appointment that day so that she can have a rough idea of what to do. If you don't know what you want on your nails, fret not! She has a whole stack of Japanese nail magazines for you browse through, and all the designs inside are super pretty~

She has a wide variety of gelish colors for you to choose from, all these below are the gelish colors that she owns. I'm quite sure none of the salons I went to have so many color choices... 130 gelish colors here for you to choose from, you'd be totally spoilt for choice!

Anyway, when she asked me what design I had in mind before my appointment, I told her I like inlays, polka dots and ribbons. But to think of it now, I actually like blings, florals, leopard prints and glitter too! Ya, I'm just so fickle like that hehe. I ended up deciding on disco ball inlay nails with 3d ribbons, and it was the best decision ever! She also added in red heart shaped inlays which are super duper pretty :')

Her super duper cute UV lamp which I love! And FYI, it only takes 30 seconds for the gelish polish to dry with this lamp. I remember the past few times when I did my nails at other salons, I spent more than half the time with my hands in the lamp =.='

Trina is very professional and meticulous in her work, you should have seen her arranging the disco ball and heart shaped flakes piece by piece onto my nails and sculpting the bows so patiently.. She's also very nice and caring, she kept asking me if its painful or not when she was cutting my cuticles, and it wasn't painful at all! Here is a photo with Trina! (She's so slim that I looked like a fat bomb beside her lol :S)

My pretty nails that was completed in less than 2 hours! Gelish nails are supposed to last for 3 weeks at least, and till now there is no chipping at all. Y'know I'm not a very gentle person, but everything is still intact now, even those cutesy 3D acrylic bows!

Received many compliments for my nails, and even my boyfriend said that it looks nice! I feel very happy whenever I look at my hands, even now, after having this set for more than a week..

Spammed photos of my nails like mad in this post haha, here's the last photo!


Simplicity Nails

Trina - 81185274



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