Friday, 8 March 2013

Vichy Bi-White Med Essence Exclusive Event + Review

I was invited for a closed-door session with Vichy at Paris Baguette Café at Wisma Atria some time last week. Was new to Vichy's products and have not been to Paris Baguette Café before, so you can guess how happy and excited I was even if it means that I have to rush to town straight after lessons from NTU!

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The stars of that event - Vichy's Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence (Center) as well as the day and night moisturisers form the same series.

All of us bloggers were introduced to Vichy's Bi-Med White series in a cosy sit down session as we enjoyed our afternoon tea at the same time..

What's so special about Vichy's Bi-White Med series? It is actually their latest whitening technology breakthrough that targets the origin of dark spots! This series actually goes deep into the epidermis and epidermis layers of our skin to improve our complexion!

Also, their Bi-White Med Essence can correct 6 types of complexion flaws: dark spots, dull complexion, yellow skin tone, irregular skin texture, red patches and dryness patches. It  gives a fresh as well as luminous finish, and promises 24-hour moisturising action.

Their day and night moisturising cream from the same series contains purifying peony as well as natural oils. Purifying peony can restore skin's radiance and protect it from free radicals generated by pollution and stress; the cocktail of apricot oil, passionflower oil, macadamia oil, cariander oil as well as jojoba oil was selected to give antioxidant, hydrating, purifying, anti-inflammatory and reconstruction effects. The night cream also has a high dosage of vitamin Cg for repair of the skin.

Some of the spread that we had that afternoon!

Pretty and yummy pastries..

And fresh fruit juices! Mine was orange & kiwi juice, it was not too sour and tasted not bad surprisingly!

Cutesy gift which turned out to be a mobile charm, and everyone have a different design!

Me with my media kit!

And here are the contents of the bag - more information on the Bi-White Med series and a limited edition box filled with Vichy goodies!

What is in the box? Vichy Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence, Whitening Replumping Gel Cream and Thermal Spa Water.

The essence..

The day cream..

The thermal spa water..

Went to test the essence as well as the day cream on my arm. Essence is on the left, day cream is on the right. Both have a light and fresh floral scent which I love!

I expected the essence to be really rich and thick in texture, and indeed, it is really rich but easily absorbed when I spread it out lightly. It does not feel thick at all and gives my skin a silky smooth finish when applied. The day cream is actually in a gel form as you can see above, which is very light in texture and also easily absorbed which is awesome. I'll prefer gel over cream moisturiser any day, I believe most of us won't want to wear a thick layer of cream on our face out on a hot day or even under our make up right?


Here are the prices of the products mentioned above if you're interested: Bi-White Med Essence: $82 ; Bi-White Med Day Cream: $59 ; Bi-White Med Night Cream: $69

Vichy is available at Watsons, Guardian & Unity and they have a Vichy flag-ship at Ngee Ann City Watsons and Paragon Guardian. You can get a gift - special edition Parisienne umbrella - at selected Watsons, Guardian and Unity stores with purchase of Vichy Bi-White Med Essence and Day Or Night.

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