Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Vita Green Lingzhi Capsules

I know I've always been blogging about beauty products, and today's post is on something new - health supplement!

Today's health supplement which I'll be talking about is Vita Green Lingzhi capsules!

If you don't know what is a lingzhi, here it is!

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Its a medicinal mushroom that is used in traditional chinese medicine for more than 2000 years! You may read up more about lingzhi here!

Vita Green's lingzhi is made up of 6 different colors of lingzhi, each of which serve different functions and benefits - white, green, black, violet, red and yellow!

  •  white for lungs

  •  green for liver and eyes

  •  black for brain and kidneys

  •  violet for replenish vital energy

  •  red for joints, skin and heart

  •  yellow% or spleen and intestines

So why should be consume Lingzhi? Because it has loads of beauty benefits in store for us! :D

  • beauty

  • anti-aging

  • anti-oxidant

  • reduce allergysymptoms

  • reduce white hair

  • reduce age spots

  • help sleep

Vita Green Lingzhi comes nicely packaged in a gold box!

More information about Lingzhi together in the box~

Bottle is sealed up before first use, hygenic!

Each bottle contains 72 pills which will last for about 2 months if you take one pill daily!

Recommended dosage is 1-2 pills a day so its up to you to decide!

Vita green lingzhi is newly launched in Singapore, and you can get them from Guardian. Usual retail price is S$129 but there's an introductory offer at $109 so do grab it if you're interested! :)

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