Wednesday, 17 April 2013

#2 The DRx Clinic: Skin Review

Went back for a skin review one month after my first visit to The DRx Clinic..

I blogged about it previously and quite a number of you were interested, so here's another short update on my second visit and the list of products that I'm using!


Went there bare-faced again so that my skin condition can be assessed accurately! My face is not so oily ever since I started on the Derma-Rx regime, and there are lesser pimples too~


Told Dr David about my concerns:

  • some stubborn pimples

  • occasional dryness

  • marks and scars left behind by pimples last time

And he prescribed me more products to add on to my current daily regime in response to my concerns.. Anti-Blemish Mask for those stubborn pimples, Alpha Beta Gel to exfoliate my skin, S3 to lighten the marks and Hydrator sample to moisturise the dry areas.

Dr David also suggested that I can try out their super popular Essential Facial (Plus) for my pimples and do Laser Treatment for the scars another time!



Here are all the Derma-Rx products that I'm currently using daily! (All daily except for the anti-blemish mask)

I know its quite a number of products to use on a daily basis, but I shall be hardworking so that I can achieve good skin! Heard of "没有丑女人,只有懒女人"? It means that there is no ugly women, only lazy women who do not make the effort to improve or maintain their looks.


So many products, and I'm quite a forgetful person, but no worries.. The consultant at The DRx Clinic will write down the steps (and brief instructions) in the user manual for us to bring home, and we can simply refer to this manual when we forget the steps.


Did you notice the abbreviations (the blue squares) in all the products? 1B, 1 and 2 in the photo below..

These abbreviations are there for customers who are not very proficient in English and have problems pronouncing the full names of the products! Also, in the event when customers want to call them up and enquire about a product, they can simply say "1" instead of "foaming cleanser" to minimise miscommunication. So thoughtful of them!


The Derma-Rx skincare program is built upon a simple 3-step system:

  1. Prime: prepare the skin for treatment or nourishment

  2. Remedy: to tackle our skin problems

  3. Protect: to prevent onset and recurrence of skin ailments

I sorted out my products into these three steps, and also wrote a little about their basic functions. Will do up a video review next month most probably!

1) Prime

Milk Cleanser (1B) - To remove face make-up
Foaming Cleanser (1) - Gentle and hydrating face wash
Toner (2) - To enhance the cleansing process


2) Remedy

Comedone Formula (CF) - Reduce appearance of blackheads and whiteheads
Alpha Beta Gel (AB) - Exfoliate aged and photo-damaged skin
Acne Spot Lotion (ASL) - Pimple Cream
S3 - To lighten marks
X cream (the little bottle) - To lighten marks
Anti-Blemish Mask (ABM) - Intensive corrective mask for blemish-prone skin


3) Protect

Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+ (5B) - Advanced water- and sweat-resistant sunscreen


So that's all for this post, thanks for reading!

Hope that this post is informative enough for you all!

Will update this space again after my next visit! :)


The DRx Clinic
Tel: 6733 1555

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