Sunday, 21 April 2013

CLS #2: Pretty affordable accessories for you?

Helloooo everybardy, my second order from Cute Little Strawberries is here again! #happygirl92


Gonna share what I've got this time round, and I have good news for you at the end of the post! Read on ok?

I tore open the polymailer almost immediately when I received the package, and here are all the pretty accessories that I've received.. Feeling so blessed to be receiving so many pretty accessories!


Shall share about the most of the items that I've worn out already...

Because I accidentally broke my previous statement necklace, I picked another this time round!

This is so pretty, it fits both classy and mode style. The range of the length is also very big, it can be worn long and short, but I prefer it short! ;)


Ribbon anklet, a super sweet piece. I don't wear anklets usually, but I'm going to start wearing 'em thanks to this dainty piece :)


This pair rhinestone studded wings is a vintage looking double ring. Don't judge me, but I think this is the first pair of double ring that I own. Both rings are adjustable, so they fit my fingers nicely..


An artsy long necklace to wear over your boring outfits!


Another super cute ribbon ring! If you still don't know.... I love ribbons hehe! ;)


I think this is one of the prettiest ear accessories that I've even gotten!! Its a stud with a dangly part, similar to Rainie Yang's earring in which she wore in the Taiwan drama Devil Beside You. The dangly part of this earring is a heart shape with many rhinstones of different colors on it, the photo don't really do it justice. Its super sparkly in real life.


I also got a mini crown for myself! If I never remember wrongly, its $2 only.. Where to find a jewelled crown at such a price? I braided my fringe and inserted the crown into my braids for this look. I'm not very good at hairdos but this worked out quite okay!


And I've got a super princessy bracelet! Pink + gold.. Yes ribbons again.. I have like 3 ribbons accessories from this order haha!



Time for the good news!

Look at the calendar below... Notice the strawberry? On 3rd of May, there will be a Secret Spree at Cute Little Strawberries!!! During their secret spree, there will be some items going for $2 only, so please mark out this date for some accessories shopping! Their items are already very affordable usually, $2/item is just crazy.. I can't wait for 3rd of May too! :)


Alternatively, if you can't wait for two more weeks to order your accessories, they are having promotions for April... Order your items before 27 April and receive 10% or 15% off! ;)

Lastly, did you know that they are introducing more and more items into their shop? They started out with accessories only... Then there were pouches and bags... Tattoos... Crochet collar pullovers... And now, they have skirts with super nice prints!

Here is my favourite pick.. More designs here!

Anyway, reminding you people again before I end this post..

  • April's spree will end on the 27th, in which you will get 10% or 15% off depending on the amount spent

  • There is a secret spree on the 3rd of May where you can get some accessories for $2 only

Enjoy your accessories shopping! :D

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