Monday, 1 April 2013

Geo Cafe Mimi Macchiato Lens

Today's lens review will be on the pair of lenses that I wore for my fairy doll make up tutorial, hence the same makeup! As usual, lenses are from Duffy Beau! :)

Geo Cafe Mimi Macchiato in brown (WMM-504)!
Lens Details:

Diameter : 15.0mm

Water Content : 38%

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Lifespan : 1 year

See the pretty swirly pattern? Its supposed to look like coffee vortex! :D

When worn in bright and dim lighting!!

Comfort: 5/5 – as comfy as all my geo lenses!

Enlarging: 4/5 – it being 15mm definitely makes my iris looks bigger, but still quite natural-looking.

Design: 4/5 – This swirly vortex design is indeed pretty by itself. Initially, I was quite afraid that this swirly design will look unnatural when worn, but it looked okay in the end! :D

Color: 4/5 – Do note that the limbal ring is actually dark brown, not black! My eyes look like they're dark brown when wearing them, good for those who wants natural looking eye enlarging lenses.

Another photo of me wearing this pair of lenses! Photo taken during the shoot for Fairy Doll Makeup Tutorial too.

You can get pretty lenses from Duffy Beau too!

April's preorder will close on 9 April, 11pm, so don't miss it!

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