Friday, 12 April 2013

I went to Cadbury's Joyville!

Last weekend, I took the Joyrider to Joyville with le bf, Katelyn and a bunch of other bloggers! All of us had a chocolatey fun day at Joyville, all thanks to the Cadbury team! :)

(The photos in this post are taken by Katelyn's camera and BF's phone, because the smart smart me forgot to bring my camera, boo.)

The joyrider and me!

2013-04-06 17.05.43-1_2

Cute or not??

2013-04-06 15.32.22

All the bloggers getting up the Joyrider..


There's this magical festive atmosphere in the joyrider! The moment everyone got up the joyrider, we were all busy camwhoring, listening to the staffs and getting chocolates!!


Some yummy stuff that we were given, and you can probably guess that this post is about Cadbury's Marvellous Creations! :)

2013-04-06 15.22.05

And there were props at every seat for us to camwhore with hehe!!

2013-04-06 15.21.17_2

Okay, actually we went to Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, the cute people from Cadbury transformed the place into Joyville!


Waiting to go in = take photo! This is Katelyn by the way!


My autograph!

2013-04-06 16.49.45_3

My favourite activity there is the blind tasting booth!

2013-04-06 15.37.51

We're supposed to eat 3 types of cadbury chocolates blindfolded and guess the flavour! Bet you didn't know Cadbury have sooo many types of chocolates!



2013-04-06 16.52.29_2

I got all 3 guesses correct and guess what's my prize?? A cadbury thumbdrive haha! Really very cute :D


And there was this photobooth... With loads and loads of props for us to use... I was like omg la, totally what bloggers love, and indeed it was the busiest booth! Only took a few shots and here's the printed photo with BF and Katelyn! (mehs I look gross here...)

2013-04-06 16.01.55

Then... We had a game of Marvellous Bingo, so cute la the points haha!

2013-04-06 16.00.29

We were also given a short introduction to the Marvellous creations series and I got to know what is a pinata haha! The blogger ambassadors had to whack the pinata and loads of chocolates fell out!


We were told that there are 3 chocolates with stickers on them, and whoever finds one of the three chocolates gets tickets to night safari! That explains the commotion below hahaha...

2013-04-06 16.20.06

... And there was this rack of marvellous creations chocolates.. The in charge said that they are all for us, we're free to grab if we want... So... We started piling ourselves with all the bars wahaha! (Yellow - Jelly Crunchy Bits; Pink - Jelly Popping Candy Beanies;
Green - Peanut Toffee Cookie)

2013-04-06 16.04.22

The amount of chocolates BF and I brought home with us at the end of the post, not that much compared to the rest but I've never bought so much chocolates myself before haha! The chocolates were super heavy I tell you!


The decorations there is also super cute, me love the huge balloons! Coincidently I was wearing this yellow bustier top from LOEF and the yellow balloons matched my top.. This is my FB profile picture now!

2013-04-06 16.48.46_4_8

Last photo with Katelyn on the Joyrider back to the real world again!

2013-04-06 17.09.51_3_hdr

My outfit of the day (OOTD) or rather top of the day - Crotchet Lace Bustier sponsored by LOEF! Its a very pretty piece with laced details and and it comes with light padding!

2013-04-06 16.55.13-4

Lastly, do remember to grab some Marvellous Creations from the supermarkets, you won't regret trying them! Chocoates with other sweeties inside is one of the most amazing thing ever! :)

Thank you Cadbury for having us!

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