Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lemmeprint X Customised Handphone Casings

I haven't been changing my handphone casings for some time... And I finally got some new ones!

Look at what Lemmeprint sent me!

Lemmeprint actually does printing of handphone casings and mugs, they have some designs for you to choose from at their facebook page, and of course you can get your own customised designs printed too!

I'll be sharing some of the default designs that I've picked, you may see all the other default designs here. (PS They have a huge variety of tribal print casings if you love tribal prints!)

Pink dots

Pink + glittery, this design totally won my heart! Actually you can't really see the full design of the casing in the photo below, please scroll up to the first photo, I'm holding this casing in that photo too..

Sparkle stripes

This design is less pink and bling as compared to the "pink dots", but I love it as much! I feel that this casing looks more fun and cute! :)

& now for the customised and couple casings! They actually have some default designs for couple casings here, but I wanted mine to be customised so that its special hehehe... (its only +$3 for customised casings btw)

Got our photos and names printed on our couple casings. Haha how many of us do you see in the photo below? Yay we love our phone casings so much! :D

Anyway, I noticed that the casings are printed on a glittery base which made the designs look nicer! (You won't notice those micro-glitter unless you have microscopic eyes like me, so it doesn't affect how your design looks.) Can't really capture those super fine glitter by my camera but I hope you can understand what I mean by looking at this photo...

I think these customised phone casings are very good gift ideas, for your boyfriend/girlfriend or anyone else... Consider getting them ok?

Casings are available for Iphone 4/4s, Samsung S2/S3/Note and iPad. Also, not to forget, Lemmeprint also have customised mugs if you're interested!

Get your casings/mugs from www.facebook.com/lemmeprint ! :D

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