Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Camera Died + I Need Help!

Hello, I'm here to announce that my almost 2 years old camera is dead.

This Samsung ST700 have served me and my blog well for the past 2 years. I have had complains about it from time to time, but its dual screen is something that I'm especially thankful for. RIP.

Dropped it while trying to take photos for my blog post just now... The lens refuse to retract, can't take photos at all, and the camera refuse to be turned off unless I pluck the battery out manually.

Please be forewarned that there will be lesser photos in my future posts, and I'll be using my phone's camera instead of a proper camera.

Luckily, I have already took some photos for my next few blog posts, so there will still be some proper photos up at my blog for a while more. Just a few posts more, then... no more.

I need to save up for a new camera, so gotta start working in May after my exams...

I need help! (You may comment or email me or fb or anything, will appreciate any suggestions.)

  1. Recommend me a good camera... I want a camera with a flip screen most importantly, preferably semi-pro, and if its pink, even better!

  2. Recommendations for job... Yes I'm looking for a holiday job (1-2months), office or retail also can, preferrably as high pay as possible~

Okay that's all, thanks much!

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