Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pink & Gold Princess Nails!

It has been more than a month and I headed to Simplicity Nails to get my new set of nails!

Greeting you with a photo of my duck face and my new princess nails hehe..


A proper photo of my new set of nails, pretty or not???? They're so shiny that I had a lot of problems trying to capture them with my lousy camera..


Took a last photo of my nails before the soak-off, this set of gelish nails is really really mad lasting! After 6 weeks, they're still intact, look at the length of the nails that grew out... More than half a centimetre... You can read about this previous set of nails here!


Getting my nails soaked off now! Can you believe this is the first time that I'm getting my gel nails to be soaked off properly? The gel nails that I did at other places are easily peeled off by my itchy fingers (hehe), but this time round the gel is un-peelable lol.


Took a looong time to decide on the design of my new set of nails.. I was browsing through those Japanese nail magazines that Trina has, and all the designs are super pretty, I ended up picking a set of pink nails with gold nail art, a really sweet and princessy set :)


I decided to try out round tips instead of rectangle ones this time round, since round tips seem to be getting more popular nowadays.. Round tips feel more feminine too (to me)..


Some of the materials used... Swarovski crystals, golden balls and square studs. You should have seen her Swarovski crystals in real life, mad sparkly one!


The ribbons were formed by hand, with Trina meticulously arranging those small golden balls one by one to shape the ribbons. So much hard work to do such a pretty design, touched :')


And after 2 hours of hard work... This set of nails are finally done!!!! Yay *wriggles* my pretty princessy fingers! :)


The full set of princess nails~ (They look much much nicer in real life, blame my camera, I'm saving up to buy a new one already..)


Last photo with my lovely nails, thank you so much Trina! :D



Simplicity Nails

Trina - 81185274



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