Friday, 24 May 2013

Elisha Coy CC Cream Review

New to CC creams? So am I.

Weeks ago, Wishtrend sent me my first ever CC cream - Elisha Coy Always Nudy CC Cream - for me to try out and here's my review on it!


This is quite an interesting product and I discovered that it can transform my foundation!!

Here's the packaging of the CC cream.. It comes in a tube!


So... You'll be thinking, what does the CC cream do??

CC stands for Complete Correction! This CC cream is said to be 10 in 1, working as both skincare and make up! Those 10 functions includes: whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection, hydration, correcting skin texture, correcting skin tone, covering imperfection, long-lasting, excellent application, making skin look instantly refreshed.

The function of the CC cream that captures my attention the most would be skin tone correcting. It contains color capsules that will pop to cover imperfections and correct skin tone evenly. This really works, I got photo evidence later on in the post!!

The cream itself is quite flowy and white in color when squeezed out from the tube. The texture of the cream is very smooth, very easy to spread and apply. However, it feels a little oily to me..


The CC cream can be used alone or mixed with foundation/BB cream.. And I personally prefer to use it with my foundation!

Here's how I use it:


  1. Squeeze a green bean size of CC cream on the back of my hand.

  2. Add foundation to the back of my hand, ratio between CC cream and foundation should be about 1:2. (I find this ratio works best for me, but you are free to experiment your preferred ratio and amount to use ya!)

  3. Mix them together by rubbing in circles, this is to pop the color beads in the CC cream at the same time.

  4. A new base make up is created hehe :D

If you compare number 2 and 4, you'll realise that the color of the foundation mixture changed to the color of my hand!!!! :O

And here is another test on the bottom of my arm (which is another skin tone). I used the same foundation in both patches, and you can see that the color of the patch with both CC cream and foundation turned into the color of my arm!



Oh, and please refer to the above picture again... The patch with both CC cream and foundation is so glowy as compared to the foundation only patch which is matt! What a huge difference although I used the same foundation!!!


My verdict:

I've also tried this CC cream alone, and I noticed that the CC cream is best at correcting redness. Personally, my problem is more of acne marks and scars, using this CC cream alone doesn't give me enough coverage. If your main concern is redness only, then I guess using this CC cream will be enough for you!

When using this CC cream with my foundation, the coverage is really not bad, and the color tone correcting function is awesome. Because of this color tone correction, this CC cream will be of great help when one gets tanned or buy the wrong foundation color. I actually used the CC cream with a liquid foundation that I feel is quite dry when applied, and this CC cream makes my foundation so creamy and smooth, like another new product totally! It also gives a dewy and glowy finish when applied! It can transform my foundation so much that I'm truly amazed.

However, this CC cream does feel kind of oily when used alone or with a foundation, on my normal skin type. The finishing just feels kind of wet the whole time, but luckily it doesn't feel that sticky. I would suggest using loose powder over this CC cream to make it less "oily".


Last photo of me with only CC cream + foundation, eyes and lips make up. No concealer/ bronzer/ highlighter/ blusher. My cheeks are rosy probably due to the lighting, they aren't rosy when I looked at the mirror lol..

I didn't edit this photo or add any filters, so you can witness the coverage of this CC cream + foundaton!


You can get this CC cream from Wishtrend or from qoo10!

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